20140411-IMG_007720140411-IMG_009820140411-IMG_0121I got my first bear of the year today! The weather has been poor for several weeks! So when the sun came today,I didn’t need to be told twice!
The tide was perfect too,low. I headed down to Gunner inlet to check on any bruins yawning about? Nobody home unfortunately. I did hear from a friend who lives in a float house at the mouth go Gunner that he had seen a most unusual bear! It appears that there is a bear down that way that has a coloration! This bear has a semi white patch all along it’s right side? I can’t wait to see it!
When I name my bears I keep in mine their physical & personality qualities. I basically see the bear & figure it out from there. This bear is going to be different.I’m naming it before I see it.A first! I’m going to call this one “Casper”. The Komode bears of the Great Rainforest (Princess Royal island) can be white. One in nine are due to genetics.
So this bear has something going on & am very interested in seeing it!
I left Gunner & went over into Fortune channel. I went all the way up the eastern side with no luck. I decided to check the other side for harbour seals? They like to hang around a certain spot usually,but not today. I was discouraged & decided to head back. Thats when I noticed a bear watching boat sitting still down in a bay! They do that for one reason & one reason only………He must of spotted a bear!
Sure enough as I got closer I could see one walking along the shot line eating grass. After they wake up from their denning,they tend to eat grass first & than move onto crabs etc. I couldn’t get close to this bear because of low tide. This bay has a very shallow angle. I wasn’t complaining & took what I could at a distance.
Headed back to town after seeing my first furry friend. Stopped at Tsapee Narrows to visit with Logan. The moon was coming up in the east,so I couldn’t resist in grabbing a few of him with it in behind.
I moved westward a bit into the Daredevil’s/Delilah’s territory. Only the Daredevil was about. Delilah must be on the nest?
He was in fine form today as per usual. Took a few of my friend with the moon as well. He perched onto a tall snag. I couldn’t line him up with the moon. The sweet spot was on land,so I landed the boat & walked around trying to find it. The sweet spot is where the moon & eagle line up together. I think of it like drawing a line straight through from the moon to the eagle & down onto the water/land. That spot on the land/water is the sweet spot.
Said goodnight to my feathered friend & headed back into the harbour. Time was limited,so I skipped visiting Maggie & Moe. I’m sure she’d understand. I went straight over to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo/Juliette. Romeo came out to greet me as per usual. He always brings a big smile out of me! He flew to his throne & waited for me to arrive. Eagles fly much faster than what my boat can travel & they don’t even have to flap their wings!
I took a whole series of shots with my beautiful friend & called it a night after the sunset!
Saw my first bear of the year & got out. What more could anyone ask! Another day in paradise!


20130811-A-120130811-A-220130811-A-5I & two other boats were following the pod when they all of a sudden reversed their direction & came back! They went between the two other boats & I was in perfect position to take advantage of it!
I got a great series of shots!(10 shots) You can see how surprised the folks were on the boat!


As I was heading out to look for some bears,I looked over my shoulder & saw these two coming up on my 6. They were heading out for the same thing. I did see some bears up in Fortune Channel,but couldn’t get close. I decided to try Gunner Inlet. Found two in there but once again,one of them was too far away & in the shade as well! I couldn’t even bother getting the camera out!
The second bear I came across just outside Gunner was Li’l Jackie! I’m always happy to see her! She has such a nice sparkling personality! I was able to get close but she also was in the shade! Beggars can’t be too choosey!
After spending some quality time with my little furry friend,I booked it & headed back into town for the sunset. I also was very mindful that the moon was going to be rising shortly! On the way back in I could see it low in the east! I was hoping to find a eagle to put in the foreground when I got into town & thankfully my buddy Romeo volunteered! Thats why he’s my fav! Got some awesome shots of him with the moon & those amazing clouds!
Tonight’s shoot didn’t start out with much up in Fortune but ended with a bang because of Li’l Jackie,the moon & those gorgeous clouds!