Ethel was perched on the ramp of a barge.You can see Ernie perched on top of Strawberry island in the background.







I found Ernie & Ethel sitting side by side! I don’t see them doing that very often.It’s mating season so they tend to hang out a lot together.So much so that when Ethel took off,Ernie joined her seconds later!



I went out today knowing that a Frontal system was moving in & it could snuff the sunset light? Well,……I was right,but still had fun!

Went up into Mosquito harbour to have a look around.Didn’t see anyone walking about.Never know If a Wolf or Cougar might go for a beach walk? (Sasquatch?)

Because the clouds snuffed the good light I was forced to shoot silhouettes.Having Juliette come over to join Romeo always makes me smile!

Looks like rain tomorrow.




I’ve noticed that whenever I take pictures of “Ernie”………he knows! When I point my lens  towards him,he always knows & stares back.I’m about 750 meters away (2500 feet). I defiantly get the feeling that he can feel me watching!



Went up into Fortune Channel & Gunner inlet looking for bears tonight.Because of it being high tide,I knew the odds were against me in finding one out & about. It’s usually a 50/50 proposition ? Tonights guess was wrong.I didn’t find a single one out.During the Summers warm periods the odds of finding one out decrease. They have a thick fur coat & yes they do get hot. They prefer to keep cool & stay inside the forest.

I headed back to Tofino & stopped at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Delilah has been gone fore several weeks now & the Daredevil wasn’t around either.

So I continued on my way back to Tofino.I could see the clouds were high.I knew the sunset was going to be a good one as well.When the clouds are high like that,they light up after the sun sets.The last rich colours (violet) of the sunset afterglow can still hit those high clouds even after the sun has gone down.

I went to visit with Romeo.As soon as I came around Beck island,he flew straight over to greet me! We have a game we play……or at least,I do.I try to beat him to this rocky island I call it his “rocky throne”.I move pretty fast in my boat but he always moves faster & he’s not even flapping his wings! He’s simply gliding!

After awhile Juliette even came over.Their eaglets must be fully fledged by now or very close? The sunset was great! Took a bunch of shots of them both with that gorgeous sky in behind!

I spotted a Heron close by on a rock & decided to see If I could get some shots of it against that sky as well.Was a bit tricky but I managed to get a few good ones.I got close enough to see it had a swarm of bugs around it.

After that,I called it a night & came back in.Tonights shoot started off poorly but ended on a bang!