We’ve had many wind storms this winter so far! Hardly a sunny day to poke about. If your not into the rain,best to stay home with your book by the fire.

Tofino has become Canada’s hot spot for surfing! The best in the world flock to our small hamlet! One thing that’s very different here is the water temperature! To keep reasonably warm everybody wears a thick neoprene surf suit.

Only experienced surfers need apply during the winters storms!





The west coast is no stranger to large wind storms.In the last week we have had record breaking storms hit us hard.To prevent injuries local beaches have been closed during high tide events.

It has been said that the waves hitting the west coast are the largest ever recorded in history.





If you assume 81 years as being the average life expectance (Canada) & obviously with there being 365 days in each year (ignoring leap years of course because we’re just doing a rough calculation here)…than that means each person would of lived 29,565 days.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve realized something about light.If you could photograph the same object each day for 29,565 days you would notice that each photograph,each days light, is unique & always different. True,some days might look the same but I think there would still be differences.

I’ve photographed this exact angle thousands of times.You can click onto the “Lennard Island Lighthouse” category & find hundreds of shots taken from this spot. You’ll find each one different even though the subject is the same.Because of the clouds,the light,the waves etc,each shot is different. Like a finger print,each days light is unique.



We get some of the nastiest storms I’ve ever encountered! The wind storms whip the waves up into a froth.All one can do is hunker down & of course make sure you have candles,flashlight,batteries & food that can be cooked on the BBQ!

I also have a generator.I can power up my computer & see where the tree came down that took out the power & how long it’ll take to repair. Being prepared is a prequisite!




The storm season is upon us! We have 6 frontal systems lining up like 747’s coming in for a landing! Plenty of rain & wind to go around for everyone.The wildlife tends to hunker down when they come ashore.Might not be able to get out for at least a weeks time? Tis the season of boredom!


20140303-IMG_6208I have shot this scene through the years hundreds of times & after reviewing them, have to come to a interesting conclusion!
Each shot was taken from the same spot & of the same thing (through the years) but each one is different & I think it’s because of the light!
The light is always different & thus makes the same thing look different!
So,each year has 365 days in it. If you are, say 20 years old,you have lived 7300 days. If there was some way you could of recorded the light every single day,I believe that you’d find that each day’s light is unique! Kind of like a snowflake. No two are the same!
Now granted some days would “look” similar of course but if you looked closely at those ones,you’d see the light probably had a different angle,tone etc!
Which means the light on our roller coaster ride from cradle to grave is different every day!
Just a observation.


20130321-20130321-20130320-IMG_0649The power was out in Tofino,so a friend & I decided to go down to South Beach to see how the waves were? South Beach almost always has large waves normally but on days like this they can grow into monsters!
I went out on the rocky headland to take some shots & my friend took some shots of me out there. The basic rule of thumb when you go out on a headland during a wind storm is to stand on “dry” rock! Dry rock good,wet rock bad!

Adrian Dorst took this shot of me. He is a well known professional photographer! He also does excellent wood & stone carvings!