Maggie & Moe always check out the mud flats during low tide for tasty treats.The high tide always brings fresh food in & leaves it during low tide.Moe seemed to be content with just standing around while Maggie was more active!

Another Blue Heron On The Mudflats

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They wade in the shallows ever so slowly looking for little fish moving about in the ell grass. When they spot one, they move their head very slowly closer until they are within hitting distance and STRIKE!
They then gulp the wiggling meal down the hatch and carry on looking.

Take Off

When I came through this spot,I saw this Cormorant on this rock and slowed down so as to shoot him. Unfortunately, I spooked it and got only one shot off as it was taking off.
This background is a favorite of mine and anything and everything is fair game if I catch it in front!

Mud Flat Heron

This Heron was searching the shallow pools for snacks!
The reflection and warm sunset light makes this a great shot.
His head is sideways because he’s keeping an eye on me!
In situations like this ,I take my red jacket off and try not to move when he’s looking. The outboard is shut off of course and I try to drift into him.