The weather is holding strong for the moment,so I took advantage of it & got out for a evening shoot.
Went straight up into Fortune Channel for bears. Came across a “bounty” of them tonight! That videographer was out doing his own shooting as well again.
After spending some quality time with my furry friends,I came back in to town but not before stopping off to visit the Daredevil & Delilah at Tsapee Narrows.
It appears their eaglet has also flown the coup & I think they are happy about that!
Said goodnight to them both & came back into town. Went over to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo did his swooping around the island for me again! He is predictable at the very least!
The sun was low in the sky & there were no clouds. Great afterglow tonight!
Another outstanding shoot today folks!


It’s been a week since I was able to get out! The summer weather hasn’t been very summery!
Went up to Fortune Channel for bears & saw a few! I also saw a few other boats watching them. I found a bear couple getting ready for mating! I was surprised to find the male was not only smaller than the female but I strongly suspect,younger! Which makes her not a bear but a “Cougar”! : )
The sun is setting so much sooner these days! I couldn’t hang around waiting for them to party,so I booted it & went into town.
I was constantly looking back to the eastern horizon looking for the “Blue Moon” to rise! I wanted to see where it was coming up exactly so as to orientate myself. Getting the angle is very important to figuring out where to be!
I wish the weather had broken on Tuesday & Wednesday? Those were the two best days to take advantage of the Blue Moon! It’s too late to get great shots if you wait for the actual day of the full moon,which is Friday August 31st.
The sun always sets just as the moon is rising on the day of the full moon! Which means any shot you take will only be a silhouette!
I prefer to get shots when the sun is in it’s “golden” state. Eagles are perfect for these shots because they are always up on a angle!
BUT…..because Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating with me,I now have to wait another month for my next opportunity to shoot the moon!

I did a few harbour shots of the moon rising over Meares Island & than went to visit with Romeo & Juliette. “Sam” (their eaglet this year) is defiantly gone but both of them were at Deadman tonight. Romeo swopped around the island when he saw me! He always brings a smile to my face!
Did some shots of them both & went back to Lovekin point.
I forgot to to tell you that I saw one of the Lovekin eagles on their perch when I came into the harbour. It’s the best spot to shoot a eagle with the moon behind it,no obstructions! When I came in, the moon’s angle was too low & I would never be able to line the eagle up with the moon! I decided to wait until the moon was higher & try again.
However,by the time the moon was perfect, the silly eagle had flown the coup!
I was very disappointed!!
I looked around for any other volunteers but couldn’t find a one! I even went back to Deadman Island to see if I could get Romeo or Juliette,but both of them had “ALSO” taken off somewhere!
I knew right than that I’d have to wait another month to get those shots! I was disappointed but thats the way the cookie crumbles folks!
The sun had set & there was some afterglow. Decided to call it a night & went back in.


When I came across this bear couple,this professional videographer was filming them both. Normally when I come across someone who has a bear,I pass & leave them alone.
Seeing two adults bears together is a rare opportunity! Both bears were cruising to the north along the eastern shore of Fortune Channel. The videographer & I were leapfrogging each other. I’d go further to the north along the shore & wait for them to walk by & he;d start his motor up & leap frog around me to lie in wait for them as well.
Did this a few times & than I noticed the sun’s angle was getting low in the western sky & decided I had better leave If I wanted to get some eagle/moon shots!


Notice how pale the moon is? It always rises pale & gets brighter & brighter until it’s night time & the moon is as bright as it’s going to get.
During this time period from pale to bright,there is a 20-30 minute time window when the moon has perfect brightness/contrast! That’s when I want to shoot the moon! Most of the time when the moon is perfect,I can’t find any of my eagle friends to pose for me……..or that’s the way it seems at least!