Best Shot of the Night

This is shear flukeyness that I was able to get this shot! I’d like to say that I was such a great photographer,but it’s only due to the fact of being at the right place,at the right time!
Thats what it’s all about really. Just getting out there and always rolling those photographic dice! Sooner or later,I’m bound to get something unusual! If I just keep doing it again and again! I don’t mind. As a matter of fact,I love getting out and do not consider it work or tiring in the slightest! It’s always a beautiful adventure ! I live for that and for moments like this! I figure that sooner or later I will get more and more shots like this if I just keep getting out.
Thats what it’s all about!

Classic Pose Sequence

20100828-20100828-IMG_752120100828-20100828-IMG_752220100828-20100828-IMG_7523It’s right about at this time that I’m trying to hang on for dear life! Once I get the focus,I have to track him perfectly. It’s very hard to do! Trying to duplicate it’s movement accurately is alot harder than you think!
You know generally what they are going to do,but each strike is different! I try to get close and hang on. If I were to zoom back and track him,that would be very easy. It’s when you try to track the eagle up close and personal. Go try it yourself.
Go down to the shore or lake where there are some birds . Zoom in on your camera to get it as close as you can. Than when you see one flying,try to track it.
I do the same thing from a moving boat. You get use to it,but it takes many mistakes to understand what exactly is going on here!
I also track with both eyes open. That way I can see whats going on around me and keep a eye on my subject.

Juliette Coming In

She gave me her profile as she was coming in. The wind had died down and she came in on a good angle. If the wind is blowing,she would be heading into it for the strike. When the wind is blowing,I can tell what angle they may come in at! However,tonight was a toss up. When theres no wind….all bets are off.

Lucky Shot (Best Shot of the Night)

20100803-20100803-IMG_3011I saw Tofino Air taking off on the left and new that they would cross my frame after taking off. I also saw the “Ahousat Pride” coming in from my right and hoped I could get them all together!?
Whats the odds of that? When the planes take off,they are loud and I think she was looking at the plane because of that.
I did get the shot,but the silly bird turned her profile from me! I’m keeping it however. That’ll never happen again! Still a interesting shot.
The” Ahousat Pride” is a Native boat and goes back and forth to Ahousat. (5 miles to the north)It really moves and leaves a large wake as a result,which for me in my little boat is something I am always mindful of!

Afterglow Boat Ride- Best Shot of the Night

As I was shadowing them,the light was getting softer and softer! That slit in the clouds really produced some great light at/after sunset!
I chose this shot as the best tonight because of the colour. We didn’t have it all night,so it was great to see some!
I also liked the lines on this Dory.

Best Shot Sequence of the Night

20100707-20100707-IMG_749920100707-20100707-IMG_750020100707-20100707-IMG_7501The fish he tried to get was way bigger than what he should of tried for! He tried to lift it,but it slipped and made a huge splash.
He went to bed hungry tonight.
Just as well,it looks like he was getting fat!(not!)

I noticed something interesting. As a abstract………if you look at the water splash behind him,and use your imagination,you can see an almost identical image of the eagle in the same position!

Best Shot Sequence of the Night

The eagle missed and went up into the tree to perch and think. Whenever they miss they either try again right away or they perch and scratch their head. This guy perched.
His mate tag teamed him. They do this all the time. If one misses,the other not only takes the opportunity,but also the fish! They get to eat first and their mate eats after.
First come,first serve.

Best Shot Sequence of the Night

I can never understand these guys?
When the Daredevil jumped,you can see how all the crows were getting the hell away from him! The crows pester the eagles always,but also know that they are not the boss and be easily eaten! They just want to be a thorn in the side and get the eagle to “push off”!
This is the only nest I know of that has eagles and crows living together on the same small island! I do not know why they tolerate each other?
(Kind of reminds me of the middle east) Theres lots of places for the crows to build a nest,but not for eagles. Eagles can only use big trees by the water!
If I was the Daredevil,I would be paying a visit to my neighbors and take care of that harassment problem!
Maybe make some Crow pie? Brings a new definition to the term”Eating Crow”.
Crows are very smart . The only bird smarter would be a Raven. Now they are one smart cookie. Ravens are amazing creatures!

Best Shot of the Night

Romeo came around after the sun had set.I appreciate him looking to the left to give alittle better profile.
The cloud structure was good,and the light was semi good. However,I got acouple good silhouettes of Romeo at sunset.
This is why I like going to Deadman at sunset. The west is relatively free of obstructions and gives full light onto the nest/island.

Best Shot of the Night

I’m going to start posting the shot I think is the best of the nights shoot.
This is the first one. It’s one of the Monas Island Gang.
True, the right wing is cut off ,but he makes up for my short comings in my composition by looking to the right. It gives a better profile and the way he grabbed the fish was just shear fluky!