A Common Merganser was swimming around in front of this bear.I’m not familiar with this bear but suspect it is the one I’ve seen here several times in the past.Bears will hang around a given area as long as there is food & no other bears.

In the second shot you can see a small white spot on it’s fur.Thats a Sala flower.All the fruit bearing bushes are blooming right now.The flowers not only sweet with nectar but also sticky.




Went down to Grice bay today.Grice bay is several miles east of Tofino.It’s a large shallow bay.So shallow that it almost empties at low tide. You can only get down here at high tide.This fact basically keeps this place free of human activity. I’ve found animals use to boat traffic will tolerate intrusions,but the ones that don’t see very many boats tend to be a skittish group.

These Mergansers took off almost instantly upon my arrival.As well as two eagles.

If I find a good spot for photography,I’ll keep coming back.This introduces me to the locals & they ¬†accept me soon enough.Grice is a poor place to practice this for me.I only go out to shoot three hours before sunset.The statistical odds that I’d have a high tide happening during that period is slim. So I drop in from time to time to see whats going on? The Trumpeters also like to Winter down there.