20140630-IMG_9171These kayakers were hiding behind this rock because the current was strong here. They looked a little intimidated?

Got myself 4 bears tonight & two of them were napping! Beaching the boat & walking silently towards a sleeping bear to get a closer shot is the true definition of patience! Both of these bears already know me!
I actually saw 2 more as well but didn’t have time to stop! I needed to get back from Fortune Channel to town for the sunset! I was disappointed however! Maggie wasn’t home (Moe was,but he’s been a wet blanket for a long time) & neither was Romeo or Juliette?
Good thing I stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil! He was in top form tonight!
It was a great sunset but couldn’t find anything for foreground material. All I managed to scrap up was a couple of paddlers!
The heat does affect all the wildlife! Makes them lazy………….look at those two bears!
Still a great evening shoot!


20140629-IMG_909320140629-IMG_909920140629-IMG_910020140629-IMG_9103I saw “Patch” walking towards “Sugar” & hung around to see what would happen?
Patch is a male. Sugar’s cub Li’l Spot was back in the forest at the time. I could tell when Patch saw Sugar & he wisely decided not to let Sugar know of his presence & went into the forest to go around!
What Patch didn’t know was that Lil’Spot was already back there! I figured Li’l Spot would make the alarm grunt when Patch was discovered & Sugar would rush in to the rescue!
Sugar did go into the bush but slowly,so I couldn’t see what happened but I bet it involved Patch running away even further into the forest!!