A Frontal System passed over us this morning and right on cue,……the wind started up!
No way I was going out in that stuff! Went out to the beach instead. The beach was full of people! Lots of surfing going on! The only type of surfing that I didn’t see ,was the stand up “Paddle Surfing”!
I counted 4 Kite Surfer’s and 3 Wind Surfer’s!
I went back in town for the sunset and got a few harbour shots.

Tofino Drive By!

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It was too windy to go out in the boat and way too cloudy as well.
However,I was watching a large clearing coming and figured it would hit Tofino near sunset……….and it did!
I knew that the tide was going to be too high to get out to Frank Island,so I brought my chest waders with me.
Glad I did. I got some good wave sequences!
A major earthquake struck Japan later in the day (10pm our time) Including a large devastating Tsunami!
Tofino has been issued a Tsunami Advisory,but I do not think anybody will be able to notice anything different in the wave structure?

This Wind Surfer had trouble getting back up when he was blown down. I got only one pass,but a good one at that. I was standing in about 4 feet of surf when he went by!
I think he went in after this pass becasue I did not see him after I shot this?

Kite and Wind Surfers

The Kite surfer was heading to the right and the Wind surfer was going to the left and I couldn’t resist shooting them.
However,I would of preferred to of shot these guys with no houses in the background. It redirects the eye! I always like to use a background that is clear of man-made structures.
The only exception to this rule is the Lighthouse. Which I find more attractive anyways!

Wind/Kite Surfing at Sunset

I cane across these boys out at Chesterman’s Beach at sunset. As you can tell,the wind was up and everybody was taking advantage of it.
The wind comes from the sun,or because of it more accurately. The sun heats up the surface of the earth and the air becomes lighter and rises. Much the same way a Lava lamp works. We’ve all seen those hypnotic little throw backs from the 60’s!
Anyways,these air currents are happening everywhere and start to push the air around stronger and stronger,until they make become a measurable force. Lots of heat will produce lots of wind.

Wind/Kite Surfer

I saw these guys were going to cross and waited for them to meet. I only got two shots off before they were out of composition with each other.
The light was very different and I had swung, probably, only 90 degrees to the east from the shot above. I like to have the sun at my back at sunset . However,I couldn’t get around to that position because the tide was in and I like dry feet! I’ve always thought that my chest-waders would work well in this situation!