I was visiting Romeo (Juliette was over on the nest).I called him over & he flew towards me.When I took the shots of Romeo I noticed that a Jet Skier was coming in fast in behind him. The Jet skier told me that he thought I was calling him over! I didn’t explain & just waved him off.

Romeo’s shot was photo bombed!

Coast Guard Rescue

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I didn’t get out tonight in the boat. The clouds were all wrong,too iffy.
I went out to Chesterman’s Beach with some friends visiting from England. They love Tofino as much as I do.
We went over to Frank Island to watch the sunset.
My friends noticed these Jet Ski’s coming out of Cox Bay. I’m not too sure,but I think the red and white Jet Ski is being towed! They continued around Frank Island and were heading back into town. I also noticed after they passed Frank Island that the Coast Guard Vessel”Cape Ann” came over to them. They must of been called by these guys. They came together and talked . The Coast Guard than turned around and escorted them back into the harbour.
Much to do about nothing I’m afraid!