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Peter Devries Wins Coldwater Classic Surf Comp.

Winning Run

Peter Devries in Coldwater Classic

Sunset Heron

Mini and Doodlebug(3)

Coast Guard Rescue Gone Wrong!

Coast Guard Rescue Gone Wrong!

Windy Day

Juliette’s Sunset


The Daredevil & Delilah

Delilah & the Daredevil

Flying Fish ?

Wind Surfing in Cox Bay

Wind Surfing Sunset

Sailing Boat and Heron

Bear at Sunset

Bruno Snags A Fresh One!

Bear Hunting

Bear with Salmon

Mini Gets Another

Mini & Doodlebug

Lighthouse Sunset

Lighthouse Sunset


Eagle with Fish

Moe Gets Another

Fisherman’s Sunset

Diga-Pose or Diga-Posing?

Lighthouse Sunset

Lighthouse Bikes

Balancing Act

Lighthouse Moon

Lighthouse Moon

Crash site of Canso 1107

Perspective of Crash site


Tofino at Sunset

Wickaninnish Sunset Moon

Lennnard Island Lighthouse Moon

Cox Bay Moon

Tofino with Full Moon Rising

Wick Moon

Lennard Island Lighthouse Moon

Frank Island

Opitsat Village on Meares Island

Tonquin Beach

Wickaninnish Inn at Sunset

Frank Island

Lennard Island Lighthouse