Peter Devries Wins Coldwater Classic Surf Comp.

I shot this seconds after local boy Peter Devries won the Coldwater Classic Surf Competition. It was an amazing experience!
The clouds had parted and gave good light,plus the sun was coming up and the surfers were facing towards the light. Best case scenario for good shots. The day before it was overcast and made the contrast in the shots poor.


Coast Guard Rescue Gone Wrong!

This is a sequence of shots I took of a rescue that went badly!
The kite surfer (Gray Robinson) got in trouble! Someone phoned 911 about the situation & a Coast Guard boat was dispatched. When they arrived on the scene,the kite surfer was in rough seas surrounded by his kite & it’s strings. They told him to come over to their location,but he refused to leave his kite!
This is were the rescue went wrong!
The Zodiac tried to get close enough to pick him up. When they got close enough to pick him up the kite strings got wrapped around both props & stalled out both engines!! The strings would not unbind from the props & they were now at the mercy of the Sea!
Two waves hit them right away! The kite surfer figured it was safer in the surf & jumped from the helpless Zodiac! The third wave was the one that did them in!
You can see near the end of the sequence,a zodiac with nobody aboard! They had been washed overboard with that last wave!
At this point I phoned 911 & told the dispatcher what has just transpired! I than had to run out to the highway & around to get into Cox Bay! The boat was on the beach by the time I got around & couldn’t see anybody in the surf! Turns out they had climbed onto the rocks out of my sight & were ok!
Nobody was hurt,but everyone got a good scare! The Zodiac hit the rocks! Thats why the engines are pointing in different directions!
Everyone was very lucky!!

Coast Guard Rescue Gone Wrong!

This was a Kite surfer(Gray Robinson from Saltspring Island) on Chesterman’s beach 1/2 hour before all the trouble began.
It was very windy out and he got into trouble out in the middle of the Bay. He couldn’t get the Kite back into the air and was heading for the rocks. At this point I didn’t know that & wasn’t sure if he needed help or not. I decided to go down to the end of Chesterman’s & up onto the rocks to get a better vantage point so that I could see if this guy really did need help or not.
The Coast Guard was about to come onto the scene and thats when it got seriously dangerous.