Peggy has a new cub this year,so I’m calling it Piglet III. Its her third cub. I do not know the sex but suspect another female? She was being shy. She was using Peggy’s body as a shield. She eventually came out from behind mum and than she promptly walked into the forest without saying so much as a polite goodbye. Such a short debut!

Such a little darling!







I was so happy to see my two furry friends again! They always bring a huge smile to my face! Piglet looked very healthy! When I first found them, another bear came out of the forest near them.That spooked not only Peggy & Piglet but the other bear as well! They all went back into the forest to get away from each other!

I waited 15 minutes & they all came back out.Piglet had enough street sense to always be watching out for that other bear! She’d get up high on a rock to look around to make sure the coast was clear.(by this time that other bear had gone back into the forest)

So,Piglet has not only put on weight but is also street/forest wise!