Elephant Seal Carcass

I did get out today. It was too windy really,but I went anyways because I haven’t checked in on my Trail Camera in over a week!
I swapped the SD card and continued on to Tsappee Narrows to see if anyone was home? The Daredevil was there but not very active.
I than went back into the harbour. The sun is setting earlier now! I couldn’t get out sooner because of the wind. I had to wait until it died down alittle.
Didn’t get much tonight folks,but I did upload the Trail Camera shots. Two new wolfs have appeared!
The show is about to start!
Stay tuned…….

Dead Elephant Seal and Trail Camera Setup

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Looks like nothing has been nibbling away yet! There were campers 150 meters away for the last two nights however.
Wolfs will travel around islands looking along the tide line for tasty offerings from the ocean!
Namely….Mr. Elephant Seal! Another volunteer for my documentation of the local wildlife. Always good to get to know your neighbors!
The carcass is still so fresh that it’s not giving off a large scent cloud yet.
It would be similar to us smelling the Thanksgiving Turkey when we enter a house!
When it starts getting stinky, is when the neighbors drop by for a bite or two?
I’ll keep you guys in the loop!

The rest of the night was spent looking for wolfs and eagles.
I did come across one eagle and zero wolfs. The Daredevil was down at Tsappee Narrows and did two strikes! I was impressed! I haven’t seen them being active in awhile. The light was excellent! Just the way I like it! Served up warm!
After this, I went into the harbour for the sunset. When I was heading out of the harbour earlier,I remembered seeing acouple sailing boats anchored for the night. The “Launa” and the “Lightspeed”.
I did a few shots near sunset of them both. They both were beautiful boats! The Lightspeed looks like a fast boat!
After all was said and done,It turned into another great Tofino Sunset!

Dead Elephant Seal

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I heard from Rod Palm that there was a “fresh” dead (juvenile) Elephant Seal washed up on shore of Vargas Island!
I quickly went over to check it out and sure enough,it was there! So were two young people………… camping ………about 100 meter’s away from it! I suggested that they should move away from the banquet but they seemed resigned to stay at least one night!
Oh well…………..Smorgasbord!
I will go back over tomorrow with my Trail Camera & set it up for the show that’s about to start!

I than went down to the Ginnard point area to check out the wolf situation and sure enough “Pepper” was there!
Because of the high tide at that moment.I was able to get closer to their resting spot. He did a few poses and was off.
I than went down to Tsappee Narrows to visit the Daredevil. He was active tonight & I was happy to see him!
The light was great and getting out was even better!