Checking Me Out!

This Porpoise (and many more) did these swim pass’s under my boat. They were curious I suppose?
If they would of popped up and said hi ,I would of been delighted!
The focus was not only hard to get with them being under water,but the water also distorted their features.
Water behaves the very same as the glass in my camera lens with regards to the property’s of light,and only differs by being in a state of change all the time! (unless it’s frozen)
So images are not what they appear to be and thus a distorted Harbour Porpoise!

Harbour Porpoise’s

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The only way I can get any shots of these quick moving animals is to shut the motor off and listen! All the while hoping that one of them pops up near me? They usually take two breaths before sounding.
The first, is to tell you “here I am” be ready for the second breath if you want a picture of me!

Harbour Porpoise

I came across a school of these Harbour Porpoises up in Mosquito Harbour and had a hard time just getting this shot!
They come up so quickly,that by the time I focus on them,they are gone!
Fortunately they have a habit. They almost always take two breaths. I shut the motor off and stood up with my camera close to my eye and waited to hear the first puff. When I heard it,I turned very quickly and waited for the second puff. I only got a handful of shots.
I believe these guys are part of the Cetacean family and are the smallest as well.
They are about 1.7 meters and are short lived. They live up twenty years . The female grows quicker and is larger than the male. They weigh in at about 90 kgs.