This juvenile is Ernie and Ethel’s. (Strawberry island) I do not know the sex yet? I’ve found they need to be about one year to be able to tell. This one is being called “Nutmeg”. Thanks to Babsje for coming up with the name.

I name them but to be honest they only hang around for a few months and then they are gone. They may come back in two years time but I’d never be able to tell who it is?


The full moon this month is on Thursday. It’s a Sturgeon moon. The name came from the Algonquin tribe. The sturgeon were more easily caught during August. We are closer than normal,so It will be a so called “Supermoon”.

I went out on Sunday hoping to be able to go out on either Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday as well, but the fog had other ideas! I got a few this month.


I was told by a good friend that there was an injured Eagle up in Fortune Channel! So I gathered my gear, included capturing gear, and headed out.

Some tourists had reported an injured Eagle. Whenever tourists report anything I’m cautious. Most do not know what they are seeing?

It took me over a hour to get out there. So when I arrived at the spot where they had seen the eagle,there was no eagle? I expanded my search area to 3 miles and did 4 passes. Still nothing.

So here is what I think happened. An eagle had tried to get a fish but accidentally went into the water. It was close enough to shore,so it swam. They literally do a breaststroke. It made it to shore but was hypothermic and so couldn’t fly. They instinctively will climb as high as they can get (to protect themselves from ground predators) and wait to warm up. Once they feel warmer, they’ll shake to remove as much water as possible. Then once fully recovered, they’ll fly off.

The tourists had spotted not an injured eagle but a very cold eagle I bet. This is why I’m reluctant to act upon what I hear from tourists. But hey,……..I had to check to make sure one of my friends wasn’t injured.

In the process of searching I came across a bear. Looked like a 3 year old female. She was a real sweetheart! I enjoyed spending time with her.

I could see to the south the fog spilling over the ridge. That meant everything was socked in and the only pictures I would be getting would be up in Fortune. So I stayed with her for over an hour. She really loved the sea asparagus! I’ve seen them sell that stuff in the local supermarket.

When I left I bundled up as I knew the fog would be cold. Sure enough the fog was not only cold but it had sat down and I couldn’t see anything! I practice going from point to point as If I’m on a compass bearing all the time. I’m very mindful of this! So because I’m very familiar with points of land I was able to get back to town without a compass or GPS. I do have both but wanted to test my abilities…….and I passed!

I am glad there was no injured eagle and that I found such a beautiful bear!


None of you would know this but It takes a huge amount of work for me to go out on an evening shoot in my boat! So to reduce the number of times I get snookered by the clouds (snuffed),I look at the radar feed as well as the Cox bay camera.

Monday night was the last night for me to be able to get eagle/moon shots! Also,I have been waiting for years to get an excellent shot of Tofino with a moon over it! Only problem with that idea is that Tofino faces north! The only way I could get a shot of Tofino with the moon over it is if the moon was rising really far south………..and it was this time around! (Buck moon)

I checked and the azimuth for the moon was around 130 degrees! Which is really far south! I’ve never seen the moon that far south before!

So on Sunday the moon rose at 6:45 pm but the next day it was rising at 8:08 pm! That is a huge jump! Remember that the sun was setting at 9:26 pm and it takes at least an hour to get high enough to be able to see. If I waited until Tuesday to go out the moon would be rising way too late! So I went out Monday but in hindsight…….I shouldn’t have!

As I was riding down to the boat shed I spotted a fog tongue far off in a distant inlet. I knew the main body that tongue came from was close by. Radar does not pick up fog btw. I knew instantly that there was a good chance the fog could advance into the harbour, snuffing the light for me and ruining my chance at getting some great shots! But because I was up against the wall on this one I “pushed” it. Pushing things is almost a guarantee to screw things up and in this case,……yep!

Once I was out on the water I headed down to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil! He flew over to greet me and seemed perky enough! I looked to the west and saw the fog bank had already eclipsed the harbour and was advancing eastward towards me! I knew instantly the evening shoot was gone!

I stayed for a while with my friend but had to say goodbye cause the light was saying goodbye! So I decided to go up into Fortune Channel to look for bears. It’s always sunny up there even when the fog has pushed inland! Unfortunately for me I couldn’t find any bears.

I was not amused.

So I headed back and noticed some light far off to the west! I was hoping It would clear by sunset but that was being overly optimistic!

Romeo came over, true but looked sluggish. It’s almost molting season and molting really drains their energies!

I was so disappointed that I didn’t even post these on Monday night. I wasn’t going to post them at all to be honest but changed my mind as a few friends thought the shots had merit.

Maybe next month?


I went to visit with my friend Romeo. He did come over when I called but to be honest he seemed very lethargic. July and August are bad months for getting eagle action shots because they are preparing for or going through molting. Which zaps their energy supply big time!

I do appreciate my friend coming over to say hello even If he felt low in energy!


I decided to do something different this year for Canada Day. I rode my bike along Chesterman’s beach towing my kite behind me. I attached a Canadian flag below the kite! Not only does it look great but also acts like a rudder. It keeps the kite from diving. (which Bat kites are famous for) I also attached a colourful fish windsock!

Now this is where I need to explain something about beaches……they are always windy! Unfortunately for me, the usually breezy beach was very calm. However the speed of my bike was just enough to counter the lack of wind and keep the everything aloft! 


One of the most common questions I get about eagles is “how can you tell the sex”?

It’s really easy to tell when they are side by side. The eagle that is the largest will be the female. Females are 1/3 larger. All female raptors are larger then the males.

Most of the time when you see an eagle,they are by themselves. So in this case the beak is smaller with the male as well as the head size.

In the above picture Juliette is in the foreground with Romeo in the background.


The best tool a photographer can have is not a camera,It’s observation.

Over the years I’ve noticed something interesting. During the day people will stroll along the beaches with a friend or be out walking their dog. At sunset those numbers increase and everybody stands still. No matter what beach they almost always stand still and just stare at the sunset. Groups will form.

I think It’s primal? We soak up the last of the sunshine before darkness prevails.


I went to visit my fine feathered friend,The Daredevil. He flew out to escort me. It was at this time I had to make a critical decision! Before I left harbour a friend told me about Orca’s being spotted close by for the last two days! So, I could go looking for them but that would mean no time to visit with my friend and there was a good chance I’d come up empty handed, as Orca’s are notorious for not hanging around!

So I decided, a bird in the hand is worth two Orca’s in the water! He was great fun tonight! There wasn’t much of a prevailing wind from the west. So he easily caught me! Once he catches me he kind of hovers like a huge Hummingbird looking goofy!

It was so good to visit with my friend and I didn’t hear about any orca’s being around.


There were fourteen entries into the “Bubble” contest! I loved all of them! Very creative!

Robbie entered “Ooooh,it’s wet.Good thing I wore my second-best feathers today”

Hazel entered “I will never pass up any food because I am a foodie.More,more,more!”

Audrey entered “Make sure you get my good side,Wayne!”

Lynette entered “Everyone keeps talking about corvid 19.How ride! His name is Colby”

Annette entered “I’m ready for my close-up,Mr.Barnes!”

Chris entered “Wot,no silver platter?”

Martha entered “Would you please toast the bread slightly on both sides?”

Liz entered “Well,it’s about time! What’s a girl gotta do to get some decent food around here?”

Terri entered “Why yes,I know I’m smart,was there any doubt?”

Noelle entered “I’m posing!!!”

Adam entered “Yesterday’s bread?! I don’t think so…”

Linda entered “Who’s been ravin about snow? Wayne,find out if Amazon carries boots for birdies,okay?”

Michael entered “Two crows walk into a bar and start ‘ravin’ about the free food in Tofino their ‘cousin’ told them about!”

Widdershins entered “Snow!!…oh bugger! Where did the bit of bread land?”

The winner of the “Bubble” contest is Audrey with…….. “Make sure you get my good side,Wayne!”

Thank you to all fourteen who participated! I will be sending out 3 shots to Audrey of Rita posing in the snow!


We got a bit of snow a few days ago. I was about to go inside my apartment when I heard the distinct call of of a Raven! I knew there was a good chance it was either Robbie or Rita?

When Ravens call It’s called “croaking”. So I croaked back wondering If I would get a response?

Sure enough I heard some croaking just north of me in the adjacent forest! Then a few minutes later both Robbie and Rita flew over! They saw me and perched on a near by tree!

I took a chunk of bread and tossed it on the garage roof. There was about 4 inches of snow so both of them were up to their tummies in snow! Robbie came over first but was suspicious of me standing there (with my camera of course),so he flew back to the tree.(chicken)

Rita on the other hand flew right in no problem and grabbed the prize and flew off,…..with Robbie in tow!

This shot was taken when she had just landed. I want to put a word bubble coming from her.

The person who thinks up the most creative or funny thought will get a full file size of my fine feathered friend Rita!


I heard from a friend that a raft of two hundred Sea Otters was around! I went out looking for it but couldn’t find them? They like to raft up in a kelp bed.

I did find the Cape Ann coming in from a exercise. This boat is designed to be able to roll. All the men are strapped into their seats and the hatches are sealed when they go out into rough weather.


We’ve been having rain for so long now I forget when we had a good sunset?

There is a meterological scenario I always watch for! It’s almost overcast conditions but there is a thin opening to the west. The sun will peek under this cloud layer (which acts like a huge ceiling) and light everything up! The dark background forces the foreground forward in an almost 3D manner.

Of course, when you have a fine feathered friend like Romeo It’s icing to the cake!