The “Laura Michelle”

I got out today and this was my first victim,the Laura Michelle.
Can’t say that I’ve seen this boat around before but I’m not very familiar with all the boats in Tofino?
I find the ladder interesting?
I’m not sure that ladder is in compliance with WCB?
Nice looking boat.
I went down to Tsappee Narrows and visited with the Daredevil and Delilah for awhile. The wind was up a bit and helped determine the angles that the eagles would be coming in at. They have to go into the wind when they hit. The stronger the breeze,the more they have to do this.
I also went to visit Romeo and Juliette tonight,but I couldn’t find either one of them?
I had to look into the trees and found them waiting beside (like all good parents)their eaglet. It’s very close to being fledged and the parents are understandable concerned about how it’ll do on it’s first flight?


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This is the Daredevil and he was blinking his “nicatating”eye lid when I shot this. It sweeps from front to back vertically and helps keep the eye moist.
It also is semi transparent and allows him to see while he is blinking.
Some also think that it protects their eyes from the eaglets beaks when feeding.