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The “Laura Michelle”

Tofino Air and the “Laura Michelle”


Delilah’s Acrobatics

Braking and Turning

The Daredevil


Low Fly by


Maggie and Strathcona

Romeo and Juliette’s Eaglet

Gull’s Sunset

Atleo Air Landing at Sunset

Sea Weed Paddle

The Daredevil Posing

Maggie Coming In

Moe Perching

Moe Hitting

Romeo on His Rock

Romeo’s Sunset Hit

Romeo About To Land On His Rock

Post Sunset Strike

The Last Shots

Harbour Paddle

Tofino Air Landing

Unknown Eagle

The Browning Passage

Salty,Pepper and the Pups

The Daredevil Hitting

Sailing Boat and Strathcona

Romeo on His Rock

Romeo’s Sunset Hit


Wolfs Chowing Down

Ravens Chowing Down

Wolf Shots

Harbour Paddle

Wolfs Moved Carcass

New Location

Wolf Shots

Wolf Shots


Wolf Shots

Moving Day (Night?)

Sunset Paddle

Tofino Air Taking Off

Virga (not Viagra)

Romeo on His Rock

Romeo Landing Onto His Rock

Sunset Gaze