The “Laura Michelle”

I got out today and this was my first victim,the Laura Michelle.
Can’t say that I’ve seen this boat around before but I’m not very familiar with all the boats in Tofino?
I find the ladder interesting?
I’m not sure that ladder is in compliance with WCB?
Nice looking boat.
I went down to Tsappee Narrows and visited with the Daredevil and Delilah for awhile. The wind was up a bit and helped determine the angles that the eagles would be coming in at. They have to go into the wind when they hit. The stronger the breeze,the more they have to do this.
I also went to visit Romeo and Juliette tonight,but I couldn’t find either one of them?
I had to look into the trees and found them waiting beside (like all good parents)their eaglet. It’s very close to being fledged and the parents are understandable concerned about how it’ll do on it’s first flight?


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This is the Daredevil and he was blinking his “nicatating”eye lid when I shot this. It sweeps from front to back vertically and helps keep the eye moist.
It also is semi transparent and allows him to see while he is blinking.
Some also think that it protects their eyes from the eaglets beaks when feeding.

Low Fly by

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I was going between Morpheus Island and Meares Island when all of a sudden a plane went ripping by me at light speed!
I quickly grabbed my camera and nailed him before he got away!
That would of been a cool flight to be on to fly so low between islands!
This is a good example why my camera is always quickly accessible to me! I keep it in my camera bag with the lid closed to protect it from any stray salt water.
I can lift the lid and very quickly grab my camera for moments just like this!

Romeo and Juliette’s Eaglet

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I went to visit Romeo and Juliette tonight but I couldn’t find them right away and Romeo never came over to his rock?
Turns out the reason that they were being antisocial is because today was the day they introduced their eaglet to the world!
This is the first time that I have seen this eaglet! They normally have two eaglets each year but I did not see the second one? That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a second one! It just means that this eaglets “debutant day” is today!
I’m looking forward to getting some better shots of this eaglet ……..and the other one as well! (if it they had a second one?)

Sea Weed Paddle

I was able to get out tonight and these guys were my first victims!
The guide (far left) was explaining something to the group?
I went out to get my Trail camera tonight. There were no growls or howls at me tonight. The carcass is completely eaten and the wolfs have moved on.
After picking up the Trail camera rig,I took it back into town and dropped it off at the boat shed. I than headed back out and went straight to Tsappee Narrows to see what was happening?
Both the daredevil and Delilah were home but still no sign of their young?
I still do not know if they had one or two eaglets this year? I will in a few weeks when they become fledged!
Romeo was out and about as well. He’s always a good bet to get a great sunset shot!

The Last Shots

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I didn’t get much of the wolfs on this round.
The tide came in and I didn’t have any nails to keep the carcass in place! Which means that it moved and it was alittle to the right of the camera.
Salty poked her head in for a bite and one of the pups came in as well. Than she dragged the carcass further to the right and that was all she wrote!
I call this black pup “Pepper Jr.”.

Harbour Paddle

This is the first shot of the night. I saw this kayaker heading over to Wick island and Tofino Air’s plane was crossing in the background.
I than went to check on the Trail camera. I spotted the boat “Browning Passage” coming towards me in Browning Pass. They diverted and headed towards the shore . They had spotted “Salty and Pepper” (& pups) on shore. They were a distance away but I managed to get a few.
They are just about done that carcass and I suspect that I will be bringing back my rig tonight?
I went up Gunner Inlet and hung around for awhile listening to the birds and peacefulness. I always like to have my sweet treat while drifting silently up there!
The bears have been rather silent lately? I think I will go visit Mosquito harbour tomorrow night to see whats happening? I’ve heard there are a few Bruins up Fortune Channel?
Mosquito is on the NE corner of Meares Island and is the spot where a saw mill use to be. Not much left there now! Just some pilings in the water and probably a few building remains on land but nothing to write home about.
Another great night out!

Wolfs Moved Carcass

When I arrived tonight.I noticed that the wolfs had moved the carcass…….again!
Thats the camera on the left and the carcass should be in front of it but instead is over to the right!
I came here last night and found they moved the carcass to the right about 15 feet or so. Just out of the camera’s view!
I dragged it back over in front of the camera and put several heavy rocks on it.
I came back tonight with some spikes to nail the carcass down. When I arrived I found that they had dragged the carcass back to the right even further!
This time I moved the camera over to the carcass! I swapped the cards and reset it.
They have reduced the carcass by half roughly and expect the rest of the carcass will be eaten before the weekend?
I think it’s a test of wills from here on!

New Location

Lets keep our fingers crossed that they don’t try to drag the carcass else where!
This is the spot where the carcass is now. The Sea Lion has been reduced to half the size it was a week ago but remember that some of that size was because of water bloating the carcass.
Now that it’s been out of the water,it’s been drying out and losing alot of weight!
I will have to check it each night this week to see what they have been up to?

Moving Day (Night?)

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Pepper was hard at work last night moving the carcass away from my Trail camera! He tried acouple of days earlier but gave up. The carcass was way too heavy still. I think he was waiting until it was lighter to move it. Like tonight! He put alot of work in it!
It took me a few minutes myself to drag it back into position.
It must still weigh in over 200 lbs at least!

Sunset Paddle

I was able to get out today,but the light failed almost immediately! A large cloud came up from the SW and snuffed the sun.
I also noticed that there was a clearing underneath and past it!
I knew that the sun would come out near sunset and I basically had to wait for a hour or so before the show started!
I went down to check on the Sea Lion carcass and noticed that it had moved! It wasn’t in front of the camera anymore! The wolves had dragged it 15 feet to the right!
If I didn’t know better,I’d say that they didn’t want their picture taken!
While I was on shore dragging the (heavy) carcass back into position,two wolves very close to me (hidden in the bush) “Howled” at me!
Thats the second time they have done that. I’m taking a audio recorder with me next time to see if I can get them howling again.
It was a remarkable experience but I only wish I could of seen them!
After resetting the camera,I got out of there and headed back into the harbour for the show to start.
I didn’t have alot of shooting time tonight but it was still a great night out!
Each shoot is unique to it’s self!