I came across a male Stellar Sea Lion. He was here for the food……namely Salmon! They eat anywhere between 10 to 50 pounds of salmon each day!

I’ve decided to call him “Big Ben”…………because he weighs in at 2000 pounds!





I was down in Ucluelet today.I took some shots of a bunch of Lions on a float out in Ucluelet’s harbour.I didn’t notice it at the time,but it appears that someone has placed some spiked 2X4 strips around the perimeter to prevent the Lions from wanting to get up onto the float. Anyone who knows Sea Lions,know they love to hang out on wharfs,docks & floats barking away contently.

Whoever owns this float has done this on purpose with no regard to the Lions being injured by these 6 inch spikes! I am looking into this to see If I can get these spikes pulled or this float pulled from the water? The Lions are beginning to come back into the harbour for safe refuge from the storms.

I’m sure some have already been injured! Will keep you informed on how this unfolds?

Dead Sea Lion

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I spotted something odd on the shore as I was going by to Gunner inlet! I stopped and got the binocs out and saw that it was a dead Sea Lion,but it looked odd?
Turns out the reason why it looked odd is that someone took the hide off of it as well as the head and flippers!
This is a bonus at this time of year! I am coming back tomorrow with all my trail camera gear and set it up!
The wolves are going to be chowing down real soon I suspect!
I promise not to screw up this time either!
Lots of great wolve shots in the mail folks! You just wait……

Home Wreckers!

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The Sea Lions are having a party in the woods down at Cannery bay and I think all the bears are jealous!
It appears that the floor on that small building the Natives built down in Cannery has collapsed! No doubt from all the weight! It would of been many tons!
I’m going to check my previous shots,but I could swear that this structure had plywood sheeting up on the sides?
We had a big wind storm a few days ago and it could of torn off all the plywood?
I hope the natives are not too upset at the Sea Lions? They are only doing what comes natural to them!
In another shot you can see a Sea Lion trying to warm up it’s feet and hands(as it were). They thermal regulate their extremities this way. The air is warmer than the water,so ergo they stick their flippers out of the water to warm up!

The “Georgia Prince”

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I saw her coming into the harbour from the west and I also saw a Sea Lion going through the harbour in the other direction!
The harbour is always busy with boats and many different animals passing through it!
The boat went to 4rth St.dock to tie up for the night.
Not sure what they fish for?
They did Geoduck last month.

New Water World Theme Park!

The line up for that new slide ride looks brutal!

I was able to get out today! Finally!!!!!!
I needed that so badly! All my furry friends were in fine form.
This float is down in Cannery Bay (well,very close at least)and is used by the local Natives during the summer time. When it gets hot,many of them go down to this spot to cool off ,and it would appear that others go here in the winter to warm up! Seasonal irony I suppose?
The entire float was flush with the water level. Each one of these males can weigh in at half a ton! There may be 20 tons on this float right now! No wonder the float is almost submerged!
The light was good in the morning ,but by the time I got out(2pm) a high overcast covered us. I was alittle ticked,but soon realized that it was just passing through. I saw blue sky to the west and just waited for the cloud cover to pass over before I started shooting. Gave me time to have lunch with my friends and observe them.

It was a good day out! Lots of fun and adventure today!
Like a breath of fresh air……………..I needed that!

Sea Lion

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I came across a few of these guys up the Inlet. They seemed to be in their own little world. I have no idea what they were doing,but I have seen this behavior before! It almost seems as if they were enjoying something! What that something is………I don’t have a clue?
I can get close to them when their doing their thing because they are preoccupied and not paying close attention to whats going on around them!

Sea Lion

20100922-20100922-IMG_0704I got out tonight and the light lasted less than a hour. The fog came in and that Frontal system moved in as well. In other words the light was majorly SNUFFED!
I took a friend out with me tonight. She spotted those wolves last time and has good eyes for distance. We didn’t see any bears or wolves tonight. There were no eagles around either except for the Daredevil’s mate and she was lethargic. Pitiful. I think the Daredevil was at one of the salmon bearing streams near by?
We went down to Tsapee Narrows and thats were we saw this Sea Lion . He was just passing through to the east .

Sea Lion

This sea lion was checking me out. I was just to the north of Morpheus and had the motor off. When I have the motor off,I can hear everything going on around me. A Sea Lion is loud when it exhales. The trouble is, that you just never know when or where they are going to come up. If I was elevated ,I would be able to see them coming up just before they breach! A crows nest maybe. However,I do not have that with my small boat.