Bulson River

This is the mouth of the Bulson River. No way I could go any further!
As a X geologist,I noticed that these boulders were rather sharply edged! That tells me they are rather recent and have not been rounded by the river action very much! They probably have been here since the glacier retreated.
Maybe 8000 years or so? Which is not very long geologically!

Bulson River Bridge

While I was checking out the Bulson, this logging truck came across the bridge and stopped. I went over and chatted with the two guys.
They were curious why someone would be in that area I suppose? Not many people go to the spots I do.
They looked like they were heading back to Rankin Cove to get in their boat and go to Barryman’s Point. Their truck had a helicopter painted on the door,so they may of been helilogging?