The Dirty Dozen

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Only thing is……there are way more than a dozen now! I counted 33 actually!
The group is still all White Fronted Geese with those two Cackling geese tagging along! The Cackling Geese look like smaller version of a Canada Goose.
I love them being around town! (even if they leave their mark)
They remind me of Tofino in the earlier days when dogs,cats,geese could walk or lay down on the road and relax!
When the geese cross the road everyone slows down and goes around. I’ve only seen a few people pushing through rudely! These are the kind of people that should still be living in a city!!

The Dirty Dozen

These geese have been around town for acouple of months. I love having them around. I’ve seen them sitting in the middle of the road. It reminded me of how Tofino was when I first arrived in 1990.
Dogs would lay in the middle of the road sometimes! Cars would slowly drive around them.
Most of these Geese are White Fronted Geese and the two with black heads are Cackling Geese.
I call them the dirty dozen because there are about 12 of them and they leave a mess!
But thats OK,they and everyone are welcome in Tofino!

White Fronted Geese

I didn’t have far to go to shoot these guys. They were just outside my balcony door! I shot them this morning.
Got out later in the afternoon. The light was fantastic! Perfect. It doesn’t get much better!
My eagle friends were not all at home when I paid a visit. Stayed away from the Sea Lions down the inlet. I figured there would be a pissed off 850lb Sea Lion searching for my ass!
All in all it was a good day!