Tin Wis Resort

Take a look at the cloud structure.
Not exactly the kind of day that you would find me out there! However………I knew something that most didn’t!!
I knew that the sun was going to come out to say hello before it said bye for the night! (& first time in a week!!!!)
There is one thing I am constantly looking for photographically and that is a thin clear slit that remains on the Western Horizon!
That means that the light is going to go from dull to gold in a few minutes!
I got out in the boat and headed out to the Lighthouse to try and find the best seat in the house!
While I was waiting for the light to come,a whale went by! I wish it would of come by later when I had the light!
On the way out I took a few of the local resorts to show you what the light was like. I knew near sunset that it was going to be good but in all honesty I never know exactly what is going to happen?
I just knew that “something” was going to happen!