New Bear

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I went up Gunner Inlet and found this young bear eating barnacles.
I’ve found the best time to take shots of animals is when they are eating! They are preoccupied and seem to ignore me better.
This bear is 1 year old,a yearling. Cute little guy!
He finished eating and wandered away.

A “Fling” of Whimbrel’s

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I got out today in the boat. It was coming up to high tide and I decided to go down to the end of Grice for something different.
Grice bay is a long shallow bay with a muddy bottom. I only go in there on a flooding tide.
I found this ” Fling” of Whimbrel’s at the very end. I went up wind to them and shut the motor off. It took about 10 minutes to drift close enough to take some shots.
However, they were aware of me and booked it!
I went up to the end of the waterway to the waterfall. This river has two names. Kootowis or Indian River. It also has two spillways. It splits and spills into the ocean at two points. One has more or less washboard rapids and the other has more of a small waterfall going on.
There use to be a small settlement/sawmill here. You can see the poles they used for the water pipeline still sticking up!
All in all a good nights outing.
UPDATE : those poles may of been for the pipe line to the sawmill from the waterfall?

Kootowis Creek Falls

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I went to the very end of the waterway to take a shot of the falls. I had to kick the motor up and pole my way in. It was so shallow that a few rocks scrap my boats bottom.
I always like visiting this spot. Very quiet!
I also took a shot of the old support structure for the water pipeline from the falls to the sawmill. I think the pipe line was supported by these poles you see sticking out of the water.
I need to confirm this with acouple of friends?
The Wingen’s started the very first saw mill in the area in this spot in 1894. They must of been very skilled because they built the entire mill using the surrounding trees!
That means all the workings including the piping and Turbines! Very impressive and creative!
I’ve found that creativity is inversely proportional to money!
That is……….if you have no money,you get creative and if you have money,you are less creative! Generally speaking of course.
I got this information from Barry Campbell. A local Historian.
He also thinks that rusted piece of old machinery is too new for the era when the Wingen’s worked and lived here!
I have no idea how it got there or what it was for?
UPDATE: Those poles actually kept a water pipe line from moving about when high tide was happening.
The line was built during the second World War to supply fresh water to the Army base at the airport.

Grice Bay Bear

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After taking a shot of the falls I decided to get out of Grice Bay. The tide was starting to drop and I did not want to get stuck in there.
On my way back,I went along the eastern shore because I sometimes see bears along there and true enough, I got lucky and came across one!
I didn’t have alot of time because the tide was dropping,so I went in alittle faster than what I normally do! Shooting all the while. I knew I was making too much noise and would spook it,but time was not on my side!
I took a few shots and got out of there. The bottom was getting closer and that makes me nervous.
I found this bears face to be alittle unusual. It just had a strange fur outline around it’s face!
Kind of reminded me of a Monkeys face! The fur around the eyes seemed alittle odd?

The Polar Bear

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I’ve seen this boat before. It has such a odd look to it! It looks like the rear end is too short for it’s length.
I also find it strange that a boat from New Zealand has the name of a animal that doesn’t exist naturally in it’s own southern hemisphere!
I shot the boat when I first got out and again when I came back into the harbour near sunset. You can see the sun reflecting off of the stern of the boat.
Nice looking boat!
UPDATE : October 28th,12
I received a e-mail from someone who knows about the “Polar bear”. Here is what he said…..

“This boat was built in B.C. by ABD Aluminum boat builders. ABD built a few Aluminium seiners in the 80′s. That is how they got started in the industry. Most have now been sold to the US I think. I think some of the seiners ABD built have nicer lines than the Polar Bear, The Polar Bear looks like a shore built boat (Another ex boat building company, that was based in Richmond and built a crap load of aluminium seiners) but looks somewhat chunkier then the one’s that Shore built. It is a nice boat but I find when they try and take a commercial design and try and yachtify it. The boat ends up loosing some of the original charm that it had.” (spitfire)

Ken Gibson’s Garden

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The light today was very diffused and the only thing I shoot when it’s that way are flowers,forests and nudes!
Ken Gibson has the largest Rhododendron garden you have ever seen! It’s a remarkable achievement and must demand alot of attention.
People come here by the bus loads specifically to walk around Ken’s garden!
The Rhododendron’s are coming into season and they will give a magnificent display for a month or so!
He lives up on 4rth St. and welcomes people onto his property. Bring your camera and remember that the best days to shoot something like this is on overcast days. Maybe even rainy ones?

Lennard Island Lighthouse

I haven’t been out here for a few weeks. When the storms go away and the tourists arrive,I generally stay away from the beachs. I don’t have anything against the tourists. It’s just that there are too many people for me come July and August.
Thats when I go out in my boat everyday!
Notice that I got lucky with the towers flash happening as a wave was crashing!

3 Wrecks

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I was surprised to find a third wreck tonight up in Gunner Inlet! I already knew about 2 of them for years,but the third one was a surprise!
It would appear that ” low uni-brows” are using Gunner Inlet as their own personal dumping grounds!
I should cover them with a large tarp all year and than when it’s winter and all wet,light them on fire! They are going to be here for years!
I’m not surprised that people would do this,just disappointed.
When I go back into the wilds of Tofino ,I want to see Nature…………not garbage!


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Finally I got myself a wolf today!!!!!!!!!
I surprised it. It couldn’t hear me coming. I caught it at the point of land just past Tsappee Narrows.(heading east) You can see that it was apprehensive by looking at it’s tail!
I have never seen this particular wolf before either. It caught me off guard as well!
I looked to my left and there he/she was! I had to slow down,turn and grab my camera,get the exposure in a few seconds! I wasn’t thrilled with my exposures. I was off alittle,but had to act very quickly to the situation. I had 15 -20 second with it at most!
I wish I had a bigger lens in situations like this! Around a 600mm would be perfect!
Anyone wishing to donate one,is more than welcome to contact me?

Tofino Inlet

I got out today. The weather has been great and looks like it will continue to be!
I headed straight to Gunner Inlet to see what was happening up there. I have to go by Tsappee Narrows and waved to the Daredevil and Delilah on the way by and told them I would be back for a visit in awhile.
I came across a new bear today up in Gunner. A male. I haven’t yet named him.
He is a very calm bear and not as skittish as others,so the name should reflect that!
Other than that the usual suspects tonight.
UPDATE: I decided to name that bear “Braveheart”

Gunner Inlet Bear……..”Braveheart”

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I had this fellow to myself for a hour or so. The spot where he was ,did not excite me. It was in the shade and as you know I prefer the bright golden light!
However,the wind was blowing gently in a direction that was perfect for me to go up wind and shut off the motor and drift silently past him!
After drifting past him I simply started up the motor and quietly went further out into the Inlet and did a big loop to start another drift run past him.
One of the things I watch for to see if I am bothering a animal is the ears! The ears never lie. The first sign that they are alittle perturbed is when the ears fold back. This fellow didn’t do that at all!
They all have such different personality’s and this fellow has a fearless heart,so I think I will call him “Braveheart”!
After chowing down ,he turned and walked up a snag and laid down for a rest!