We got a early reminder of whats to come this Winter. A strong wind storm battered the west coast today. The storm uprooted many trees! Everyone was wondering why so many trees were damaged? We normally get these strong winds in Winter after all the leaves have fallen. Because the leaves acted like tiny little sails,the entire tree took on a greater than normal load pressure from the strong winds! So the trees couldn’t withstand this huge load pressure & went over!
Power was knocked out in many parts of the coast, but Tofino was spared.




I saw this bear at Dawley Pass as I was going into Fortune Channel. I thought of stopping but the shadows had already consumed him. I continued on hoping to find one of my furry friends walking along the shore line in golden sunshine…………….but alas,I couldn’t!
So I had to return to this bear. I really hate taking shots of a bear in the shade! Less contrast,less colour,more noise…………….
Seeing as how he was my only furry friend out & about I thanked him as I left.




I found this Blue Heron busy with a fish it had just caught. All birds always have to swallow fish head first. That way the fins will fold back. If the fish gets turned around,it’ll get stuck in it’s throat!
I could see a steady vibration coming from it’s mouth of the poor fish fighting a loosing battle! The only reason why it wasn’t swallowing had to be that the fish had gotten turned around?