If a Eagle is a sprinter,a Osprey is a long distance runner! A Osprey will cruise above the shallows for a long time while a eagle can only do this for a few minutes until it has to perch & rest.

I found “Ozzie” searching along the shore of Browning Pass (north side).I’ve seen him hunting in this area many times,so assume this area is the best supermarket.






When I first saw the “Ozzie” coming towards me,I quickly grabbed my camera.He was cruising along the shallows looking for dinner. After he had passed me, I noticed him coming back a few minutes later.I grabbed my binoculars & saw that he had a dinner guest.I must of missed him diving into the water. When a Osprey sees it’s prey,it’ll dive into the water talons first! They dive in at a very fast speed! Once caught,it’ll lift back into the air,shake off excess water(so it’s lighter) & fly off to it’s dining area.I watched where “Ozzie” was heading. He went in behind “Ducking” island.I suspect he has a nest over on Meares island?


I managed to get out today,but to be honest I should of stayed at home!
I didn’t see or get much to write home about! I went up into Fortune Channel,Gunner Inlet & Grice Bay & couldn’t find a single bear! I think they’re preoccupied with the fresh berries? Also,It happened to be high tide so there wasn’t enough shore line for them anyways.I did come across a skittish one in Tsapee Narrows but couldn’t get close enough to get a half decent shot.
Because of getting very little,I decided to go out to the Lighthouse & see how things were? Turns out the light got snuffed about a hour before sunset as well! I was really striking out tonight!
I found this Osprey in Grice Bay.
Better days ahead!

Osprey Flying with Fish

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I got out tonight and the first thing I came across was this Osprey. It was hunting near Ginnard Point.
Looks like he got some take out fish and chips……….minus the chips!
The tide was too high for the bears or wolfs.
Some Cirrus cloud moved in and diffused the light near sunset. Made a nice background!
Another great day to be alive in Tofino folks!

Osprey Cruising

20100818-20100818-IMG_5047This is Charlie and he is almost always out at Chesterman’s beach. These guys are amazing! I watched him for 45 minutes cruising up and down the surf line and he never once went for a rest! He was in the air flying all the time. These guys really are the marathon runners of the bird world!
If it was Frank or Frieda,they would of been flying for a minute or so and that would be it! They would tire and than go back to a perch tree and wait for a better opportunity! There is no way that they could stay flying like a Osprey.
A eagle however would be able to lift a much bigger fish than a Osprey.
Charlie after 45 minutes,finally got his fish and flew back to his nest which is set back into the forest running along Chesterman’s beach.
A well deserved supper I’d say!