River Otters at Sunset

The fellow on the left must be the dominant Otter. The two others are waiting their turn for any scraps left over.
So as not to spook them ,I went up tide and shut the motor off after heading right for them. I didn’t move as I very gently drifted by them. I had to boost my ISO up to 1000 and that only gave me 1/200th wide open. I had my tele-converter on ,so my largest aperture was 5.6.
I did two passes.

Branded California Sea Lion

I found this fellow up on Atleo Airs Plane float. He has been branded on his back. I could make out a “3” and” 6″. I wonder who would do that? I should check into this further. Maybe it’s a tracking number and some scientists would be interested in knowing of his location/time!

Harbour Seal

This little fellow popped up right in front of me. They are very curious creatures.
They are also called the Common seal and have the greatest range of all seals. They can grow up to 1.85 meters(6.1′) at 132 Kgs (290 lbs). The females live much longer than the males. The females range from 30-35 years ,while the males are 20-25 years. It’s estimated that there are between 400,000 to 500,000 world wide and the population is considered healthy in size.

Fred Tibbs Grave on Morpheus Island

I sometimes take friends out on a tour and usually take them over to the old cemetery. It’s very beautiful over there. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to be for eternity!
This grave stone belongs to Mr. Frederick Tibbs. He was from Surrey England and lived on a local island.
He took care of a small harbour light and had a unfortunate accident happen to him.
He had rowed over to this platform that had the oil light on it and replaced the fuel container,trimmed the wick etc. Unfortunately for him ,a wave must of gently lifted his row boat off of the platform behind him,and it was set a drift.( He sometimes use to swim from his island to town. )
He discovered the problem and because he was a really good swimmer, decided to try to swim for the boat. Unfortunately while swimming for it,a small motorized boat came by and found the boat a drift. This person put the boat in tow and left. Tibb’s should of turned around and gone back to the platform and wait for help,but instead decided to continue on to Clayoquot Island.
He than, just before reaching the island had to go through a thick patch of sea weed . The over exertion of the swimming,hypothermia,and the shock did him in. He made it to the island ,but died of a heart attack.
He died when he was 35 yrs old.

Romeo and Juliette Soaring

Sometimes they just seem to want to have some fun and soar. They find a thermal and gain altitude. It’s kind of like you going up a spiral ramp in a parkade in your car.
They stay on top of these rising thermals and simply get off at the floor they desire! They save on alot of energy by doing this! and I think have fun too.