Monas Island Female

The weather today was shitty! I prefer clear skys. Clouds have there place,but I do not like them on the western horizon.They snuff or block the sun when the light is the best. The best light is when the sun is about 2 or 3 sun widths above the horizon!
The fog was to the east and west of Tofino. The harbour was clear and so was Lemmens Inlet to the north. So thats where I went. I payed a visit to the Monas Island Gang and also to Morpheus Island .
The female flew near me,but did not come in.
It was tough tonight to find some half decent subject matter! The fog corralled me and limited my travel. By the time I came back into the harbour, it was totally fogged in!
I’m afraid I couldn’t find much to write home about tonight !

Atleo Air Landing

He landing in the harbour and taxied into the dock to tie up for the night.
If you don’t have a radar on your boat and the fog moves in,it’s time to get out of there. Not worth the risk.
I’m out there in the boat by myself and I always am conservative when it comes to being adventurous.All I need is one mistake and it could be a big problem!
Better safe than sorry

Heading Out

I met this couple when I was putting my boat in the water. They went over to the beach by Rassier Point on Vargas Island.
The last two days have been so fogged in that I couldn’t get out. So when I saw the clouds/fog starting to clear later in the afternoon,I jumped at the opportunity to get out!
It was a good call. Alittle of everything tonight.

Kayaks Heading Out

These kayaks were heading out by the north side of Strawberry Island. I always like this shack. It has a very west coast feel about it. It’s hard to see but there are whale ribs leaning up against the building. Rod Palm is our local Cetacean expert and no dought comes across many bones in his travels.

Sunset Heron

I was going to the NW between Meares Island and Morpheus Island when this Heron decided to fly across the channel. I shot this while I was up on a plane. I had no time to slow down and shoot from a more still position.
I always try to have my camera close for situations just like this!
You can see Lone Cone in the background.

Eagle on Rocky Outcrop

I was heading out of the harbour going east and saw a eagle on this navigation outcrop.It’s out in front of the Crab Dock.
I tried to get close,but he jumped and flew away. He had something he was eating,but I couldn’t make out what it was.
Vargas Cone can be seen in the background. It’s on the south side of Cox Beach.

Frieda Landing and Looking at Frank

I went out to Chesterman’s beach this afternoon.
These two have the largest territory of any other eagle Bar none! They own all of Chesterman’s Beach.
This perch tree is near the middle of Chesterman’s. I know it well.
Frieda was about to land and she seemed to be looking at Frank as if to say”move over you Feather Duster,I’m landing here”!
Remember with eagles,the female is alot bigger(25%) and size in nature does matter!