Monas Island Female

The weather today was shitty! I prefer clear skys. Clouds have there place,but I do not like them on the western horizon.They snuff or block the sun when the light is the best. The best light is when the sun is about 2 or 3 sun widths above the horizon!
The fog was to the east and west of Tofino. The harbour was clear and so was Lemmens Inlet to the north. So thats where I went. I payed a visit to the Monas Island Gang and also to Morpheus Island .
The female flew near me,but did not come in.
It was tough tonight to find some half decent subject matter! The fog corralled me and limited my travel. By the time I came back into the harbour, it was totally fogged in!
I’m afraid I couldn’t find much to write home about tonight !