20140915-IMG_7275I went up in a Helicopter today. A local environmental group wanted shots of some pristine valleys.I took 666 shots! Good thing I’m not superstitious!
We used Atleo Air’s helicopter (Bell 206-B Jet Ranger). I’ve used these helicopters a lot when I use to be a exploration Geologist.
These Helicopters are right up there with Otters & Beavers for bush flying!

I even had enough time to rush out in my boat for a short sunset harbour shoot too!
I went to visit Romeo as soon as I got out! I couldn’t see him anywhere on his island but soon saw him flying to greet me! Juliette must still be down at the salmon run?
Hung around with my feathered friend for awhile & than took off to try & squeeze in other subjects for the evening shoot.
The Heron’s are all around the harbour! They seem to be everywhere. So I was able to get a few of them with that gorgeous setting sun.
I spied a fishing boat coming in with a large black smoke trail! I wondered if it was on fire & went to investigate? It did have a fire but it wasn’t serious. It looked like the exhaust pipe had accumulated some carbon build up from the diesel & had ignited. I don’t even think they were aware that there was a flame coming from the top of the pipe?

Had a very busy day today! Got the best of the air & water today!

Coast Guard Helicopter Landing & Taking Off

A nice strong high pressure system moved in last night and was giving us a beautiful sunny day today! I had seen it coming days before and knew exactly what I wanted to do!
I went down to Cannery Bay to see if my “barking” furry friends were home yet?…………….& they were!They almost always come back on or near my birthday. My birthday was yesterday. So I use that as a bench mark date for their return.
The Sea Lions have moved back into the Inlet! They were on the outside of the Bay on two small rocky islets. There were none on the inside yet. Because of the suns angle right now,the entire bay is almost in darkness. Our friends want warmth,so I think they move into the Bay when the sun starts to come back to the north on Dec 21st? I went inside of the Bay and the hill to the SW was casting nothing but darkness by blocking the suns rays.
Even the Sea Lions depend on the sun like me!
I spent a hour with my friends and than turned to the west to come back in to town.
I stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to check on the Daredevil and see how he was doing? He had injured his left Talon a week or so ago. He was his chirpy self!
It was good to see him again!
I than moved on to visit Moe at Morpheus Island. Maggie wasn’t around.(must of been out doing Christmas shopping?)
The water was fairly calm,so I managed to get a few good shots of Moe with Strathcona in the background.
After that I continued west to Deadman Island to visit Romeo and Juliette. They both were active tonight. I find all the eagles are way more active in the winter.
I had a great afternoons shoot! Just having my furry friends back for the winter made it all worthwhile on it’s own!
The Coast Guard chopper landed, dropped someone off & was out of there right away.

Sunset Search

This military helicopter from Comox was searching for a missing surfer at sunset.
It turned out that the young woman,changed her mind about surfing and went to Port Alberni instead without telling anybody.