The only two bears I found tonight were Peggy & Piglet………….I lucked out! I swear Piglet is getting bigger by the day! They were heading around a point of land into what is locally called “Big bay”.The light was perfect but they were walking towards the east which meant that only their butts were in sunshine,while their faces were in shade.I knew that once they went around that corner they’d be in total shade.Once they crossed over into the shade I simply left them & went across the bay to wait for them to come around into the sunshine again. The tide was coming in so I had no fear of being stuck in the shallows.Bear watching boats stay away from this area as it’s too shallow.I can get in close to shore.I leave the engine down while drifting in.The skag on the bottom of the engine catches the bottom & anchors me there.There was some wind so I wanted to stay away from the rocks.The skag keeps me away from the barnacle encrusted rocks & me getting any air leaks.

I watched as they “slowly” made their way around to me.I was reviewing my shots & looking over occasionally to see their progression towards me. I was disappointed to look up when they were close to coming out of the shade & not find them anywhere! They had gone into the forest.I preyed that they were simply beyond my sight eating berries along the forests edge………..& they were.They came into sight 10 minutes later & were heading straight towards me.Piglet was constantly playing.She likes to pretend that theres a threat somewhere which makes Peggy alert! She’ll bound off into the forest to safety! Of course there isn’t any danger but I suspect she enjoys practicing making a tempest in a tea pot!

Spending time with them both always brings a smile to my face! Watching them interact,talk & eat the crabs is so amusing!




Piglet likes to stand up.She knows she can control her mother by doing this.She pretends that she sees a threat down the shore line,stands up & whines……which gets Peggy’s attention! Of course there wasn’t a threat but Piglet enjoys pretending anyways!





I was visiting Romeo (Juliette was over on the nest).I called him over & he flew towards me.When I took the shots of Romeo I noticed that a Jet Skier was coming in fast in behind him. The Jet skier told me that he thought I was calling him over! I didn’t explain & just waved him off.

Romeo’s shot was photo bombed!



Because I am not out watching my eagle friends all the time,they do things that I do not know about? Having said that,nobody knows more about what they are doing than me.

So for the last 3 months I haven’t seen either “The Daredevil” or his partner “Delilah”! I haven’t a clue where they went or why? They live about a mile east of Tofino in Tsapee Narrows on Eik islet.  

I haven’t seen them on their nest island or on any of their favourite perching trees? I’ve noticed flocks of birds (Crows,Gulls) perched on their nest island.That would never happen if they were there! Nothing comes close to the nest while nesting is going on.All eaglets by August are usually fully fledged.True their nest is hidden,but I still should of seen some sort of activity!

After the eaglets are fully fledged & fly the coup,both adults usually fly north to their favourite salmon streams.The salmon runs start sooner the further north you go. Another wish of mine……….to know where they go exactly? I don’t think a GPS unit could be attached without affecting the flight.

Having said all that,Delilah turns up last night after being MIA for three months! The Daredevil still hasn’t shown up however? She treated me like a stranger.

Eagles are a strange lot sometimes.







This is  “Peggy” & “Piglet” on April 22nd.”Piglet” was much smaller than as you know.Recently I managed to get close enough to record Peggy feeding Piglet.I couldn’t see them,they were just inside the forests edge.I recorded it on my Go Pro.I sent the file to an acoustic engineer.He isolated Peggy’s purring/cooing.There isn’t much to listen to but what there is,is absolutely amazing!





I went out tonight knowing that the high tide would be happening around the same time.Finding bears is far better at low tide than high.They can access the beach better.They turn over the rocks for the baby crab hiding underneath! A tasty treat for all bears! I believe the crab makes their fur shine!

Well,I went up into Fortune Channel tonight looking for bears, knowing full well I probably wouldn’t find any. I did my first pass to the north along the eastern shore with no luck.I turned & headed southward to do my 2nd pass.I spotted a bear in Big bay & chuckled.I figured it was Peggy & Piglet! That’s the same area I’ve been finding them in over the last week.

However,I only saw one bear & it was cruising,not stopping to eat.I realized it couldn’t be Peggy & Piglet.I wondered who it was? I went ahead a few hundred feet & waited with my engine off.There was a downed tree across the beach between me & the advancing bear.I knew it had to come through that tree to get to the other side.I continued to wait.The bear wasn’t coming through as I thought? Than I heard it breathing! It was hiding in the shade of that downed tree!.It must of seen me,dam.It was watching me from cover under that downed tree.I waited about 5 minutes or so before it decided enough is enough.It came out & walked into the forest all the while “mouth chomping”.I bet most of you have never heard of a bear doing that.He was telling my to F_ _ _ Off!.

Now the vast majority of bears are fine,but occasionally I come across one that prefers to be left alone.Which is fine but the problem is they all look the same at a distance & by the time you get close enough to find out who’s who ,it’s too late…..& he gets his nickers in a knot.

I’ve looked at this shot closer but cannot tell any distinguishing features? If I could tell which bear it is,I wouldn’t approach it anymore but unfortunately it’s nondescript.

I’ve run into this bear several times before & it always does the same thing. The only thing that distinguishes this bear from all the others is it’s pattern of always walking away into the forest! I will never get good shots of this bear.Which is fine.Each bear has a unique personality,just like humans.This one for whatever reason doesn’t want any company?

So,I’m going to call him “Mr.Grumpy Pants”.




One of the problems I face with bears is trying to tell the boys from the girls? I like to name my bears to keep track of them & also so people visiting my blog can keep track them.

I noticed that the hairs that get wet when they pee begin to braid together to form a pee dreadlock! This “pee dreadlock” is easier to see of course with the females than with the males. So If I can see one,It’s to be a female & If I you don’t…..has to be  a male.

Of course……… If It’s raining,all bets are off!






It was windy out,which makes noise.Bears use their eyes & hearing to see whats going on around them.With the waves hitting the shore,the crashing sound makes lots of noise.It makes them nervous as they cannot tell whats going on around them.So they spook easier during windy days.

Peggy thought she heard something & went on ALERT! She took Piglet into the forest for protection.You can see her watching out in the bottom shot.They will do these a few times during a windy day.She stayed in the forest for 15 minutes & than decided it was safe to come back out.



I almost always only go out in my boat near sunset.With the 2017 eclipse occurring today at 9am, I decided to break the rules & head out in the morning to try & get some eclipse shots.

It’s easy enough to take shots of the moon or sun by themselves but to try & put a subject in front for added interest is much harder! The only subject I could put in front was one of my eagle friends but after surveying the harbour I couldn’t find a one! Of course the eagle has to be free & clear of anything in behind it.The only eagle I found was Juliette.Romeo was with her but lower down with the tree in behind him.

This exposure was unusual.I used a ISO of 100,a shutter speed of 1/5000 & a f-stop of 20! I think using such a small aperture affected the suns image?We were suppose to get a 87% coverage here in Tofino but I swear it was far far less! I took this shot 17 minutes before the maximum coverage & you can clearly see that the majority of the sun is not covered!

I haven’t a clue why?