The only two bears I found tonight were Peggy & Piglet………….I lucked out! I swear Piglet is getting bigger by the day! They were heading around a point of land into what is locally called “Big bay”.The light was perfect but they were walking towards the east which meant that only their butts were in sunshine,while their faces were in shade.I knew that once they went around that corner they’d be in total shade.Once they crossed over into the shade I simply left them & went across the bay to wait for them to come around into the sunshine again. The tide was coming in so I had no fear of being stuck in the shallows.Bear watching boats stay away from this area as it’s too shallow.I can get in close to shore.I leave the engine down while drifting in.The skag on the bottom of the engine catches the bottom & anchors me there.There was some wind so I wanted to stay away from the rocks.The skag keeps me away from the barnacle encrusted rocks & me getting any air leaks.

I watched as they “slowly” made their way around to me.I was reviewing my shots & looking over occasionally to see their progression towards me. I was disappointed to look up when they were close to coming out of the shade & not find them anywhere! They had gone into the forest.I preyed that they were simply beyond my sight eating berries along the forests edge………..& they were.They came into sight 10 minutes later & were heading straight towards me.Piglet was constantly playing.She likes to pretend that theres a threat somewhere which makes Peggy alert! She’ll bound off into the forest to safety! Of course there isn’t any danger but I suspect she enjoys practicing making a tempest in a tea pot!

Spending time with them both always brings a smile to my face! Watching them interact,talk & eat the crabs is so amusing!




Piglet likes to stand up.She knows she can control her mother by doing this.She pretends that she sees a threat down the shore line,stands up & whines……which gets Peggy’s attention! Of course there wasn’t a threat but Piglet enjoys pretending anyways!





I was visiting Romeo (Juliette was over on the nest).I called him over & he flew towards me.When I took the shots of Romeo I noticed that a Jet Skier was coming in fast in behind him. The Jet skier told me that he thought I was calling him over! I didn’t explain & just waved him off.

Romeo’s shot was photo bombed!