The RCMP have several boats here in Tofino. This type of boat is called a RIB,Ridged Inflatable Boat.The boat I use is also a RIB,just much smaller!

This boat is called the “Eagle”.It’s the boat used to by the RCMP for two native villages,Ahousaht & Opitsat.

It was coming to the dock in Tofino at sunset.

The Nadon on patrol

The Nadon was on her way out of Tofino Harbour.
She’s on constant patrol around the Island. She came along at a perfect time. I always try to constantly be placing myself into a position where “something” might happen.
Photography is about three basic parameters.
Being at the right spot
at the right time
and with the right equipment ! Simple as that.
You don’t have to be a big time professional to get excellent shots ! All you have to do is to carry your camera (preferably a good one) with you at all times !
Be mindful of your environment & have your camera with you at all times.
You’ll get an excellent shot sooner or later.