20140517-IMG_391120140517-IMG_3912Some people react oddly when they see the Pacific ocean for the first time………,thank God!

Adam & Eve

I shot this originally back in 07.As you can tell,It was overcast & rainy here in Tofino today! So I didn’t get out.
It’s during these winter storms that I need to be patient.
This is a Spruce grove on Meares Island. I’d like this spot to stay pristine,so you’ll excuse me if I do not say exactly where on Meares.
I shot this with a medium format film camera. I only shoot my nudes in the forest when it’s overcast.
The clouds diffuse the light so there are no blow outs. A portrait photographer achieves the same affect by using white diffusing umbrellas to reflect the flash off of.
Personally I prefer Mother Natures technique!

A Natural In Nature

Day 17 since I was last out in my boat! This cloud and rain will be the ruin of me!
The Lions will have probably doubled their numbers at the very least I suspect? All the wildlife will keep doing what their doing during the cloudy,rainy days, I just won’t be there to record it! My opportunity’s are few and far between it seems!
Tuesday looks good,but thats still a long ways off. Too much can change in 3 days during the winter periods. I will remain patient and just enjoy my time out even more next time!

I decided to do a pano of a nude shoot I did in the Spring. The Pano takes in alot of space,so I thought I’d add two more closer shots.
Sweeping vistas are really my fav’s!