The best tool a photographer can have is not a camera,It’s observation.

Over the years I’ve noticed something interesting. During the day people will stroll along the beaches with a friend or be out walking their dog. At sunset those numbers increase and everybody stands still. No matter what beach they almost always stand still and just stare at the sunset. Groups will form.

I think It’s primal? We soak up the last of the sunshine before darkness prevails.


Great clouds, for me are just as essential as a great subject. No two are alike,kind of like humans. I just never know what kind of clouds will be hanging around near sunset? During the day there may be excellent clouds around but come sunset,they may not be there? So I keep a good eye on the satellite feed to see what’s coming my way and what I can expect.

Whether I go out on a shoot, is very dependant upon the clouds. I want Goldi loks clouds…..not too many (overcast conditions) and not too few,………..just right!

These shots are of my fine feathered friend,Romeo! I think the clouds enhance his beauty.