I was confident that my engine wouldn’t screw up on me,so I headed up to Fortune Channel for bears! It’s been 10 days since I saw any of my furry friends & needed my bear fix! I ended up seeing three bruins but only one was in the light. Turns out we know each other! It was a bear I call “Scar face”! He got a swipe from another bear across his nose! I couldn’t get too close because of my motor however. I can’t kick it up or the carb will fluid…………….& it’s a long way to row back to town!! If you’ve been following my engine misadventures,you’ll be aware that my new motor will be here in three weeks! So I’m trying to play it safe &  not jinx myself!

Headed back after a short visit with Scar Face (he never even paid attention to me?). I stopped off of course to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah at Tsapee Narrows. They both seemed to be in fine form. I haven’t seen their fully fledged eaglet yet & am only assuming they had one actually? The sun is beginning to set earlier & earlier,so I couldn’t stay too long with my finely feathered friends!

I started down the inlet to town & was only a few minutes into my ride when I noticed something walking along the shore line near Spittle pt? I quickly realized it was a wolf! I quickly adjusted my exposure & started shooting. Thats when I also realized that there was a second one & it was black! I recognized them instantly……… was Pepper & Salty’s pups! I haven’t seen them in over a year! Pepper & Salty were two wolfs I’ve been taking pictures of for years! Salty was shot years ago ( & because I didn’t see Pepper tonight assume he has passed?

I believe the black one is a female & know the blonde one is a male. The blonde one has such a cool tail pattern that I’ve decided to call him “Tiger” & the black one is still “Pepper Jr.” It was so good to see my old friends! I wondered if they recognized me? It takes awhile for a wolf to accept you!

The spot they were in was in shade,so the shots are not the best unfortunately. You can tell “Tiger” was not afraid of me because he didn’t pull his tail. He did seem afraid of Pepper Jr however! I was concentrating on taking shots of Tiger & not looking at Pepper Jr. I also was listening to my music with my headphones so I didn’t understand why Tiger jump? It certainly wasn’t me that scared him! Maybe Pepper did something? At any rate,after that they both went into the forest. I thought about waiting for them on the other side of the point but time was short & decided to boot it. Places to go,eagles to see!

I went straight to Deadman island & yes Romeo came over to greet me! Juliette did as well but a few minutes later. Took some great sunset shots of my friends & a Blue Heron as well! A couple of kayaks had seen me with Romeo & came over to investigate. Romeo didn’t know them,so he booked it when they got too close. I had already gotten my shots,so I wasn’t pissed about it.

Called it a night. Had a great shoot tonight & of course the wolfs were the highlight! Hope I see my two friends again!




I did head out tonight but was hesitant! I stayed around the harbour because my back up engine was acting up, the last time I ended up rowing back! I think I figured out why too! It doesn’t like being kicked up! The “float” must be sticking when I kick it up & the carb fluids? When the carb fluids,good luck starting it!

So tonight I went out with that in mind & stayed in the area again! It started up on first pull & purred perfectly through out the night! Had no troubles this time! All I need is for it to be a good little motor for three weeks & than I get my new motor & you won’t ever hear me complaining about motor troubles ever again folks!

So I headed out (cautiously) & went down to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Both were around & happy to see me. Delilah was reluctant however to come over & say hi.She’s always been touch & go that way.

I did get out later than normal so I didn’t hang around too long. Headed back into the harbour. I did go by Morpheus island with the intent of visiting Maggie but I didn’t see her perched anywhere & with the time being short,continued on past to Deadman.

Romeo didn’t come over to greet me tonight,but thats probably because he hasn’t seen me in 10 days! Eagles do get very fussy with their routines!

Took a few sunset shots of my friends & called it a night. Just glad to see my back up engine working well. (My main engine has a bad bearing in the power head & will require more money to fix it than what I bought it for! So am letting that sit & will wait for another power head to come around?)

All in all a good night out even if it was short.