I didn’t get out today,so this is from a few weeks ago (Feb 5th)
It was snowing this morning & than sprinkling later in the afternoon. Not the best kind of light & really useless for my wants!
Tomorrow afternoon “may” have some light coming through? Fingers crossed.
This is “Salty” walking on Meares Island near Tsapee Narrows. She just said bye to her mate “Pepper”& was strolling westward. The light at this moment was absolutely incredible! I just couldn’t of written this shoot better! Very lucky of me to come across them both!
Being at the right place at the right time cannot be overly stated!


The clouds parted & the sun came screaming through! About time!
I got out & went straight down to Cannery to check on my Lion friends. When I came around the corner into the Bay I was disappointed! I couldn’t find one Lion!
I looked closely & found this one Lion! While I was eating my lunch I noticed 7 or 8 more joining him. So they are still there, just not in the numbers I would prefer!
I couldn’t find that Injured Lion either! I’m pretty sure It moved on.
After visiting the Lions I decided to head over to Tranquil Inlet. The tide was coming up so it was perfect to enter into the river system!
As usual the Trumpeters were down there doing their thing. Aside from the Swans, I didn’t find anything else to write home about.
I than went to Tsapee Narrows. Angie was on the point,so I dropped in. She was a bit skittish today.
The Daredevil & Delilah were out & about as well. Didn’t stay very long. I wanted to get to Romeo before the sunset.
Moe came over to say hi as I went by Morpheus Island. The wind was coming in at a odd angle,so I couldn’t get the shooting angle I wanted.
Moved on to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo was in a bit of a mood. I wanted him to come over to his rock & perch,but he wasn’t into it!
Got a few of them both.
It was great getting out as always! I needed that!

Intruder Alert!

This is Juliette screaming at this intruder coming in! She & Romeo were very upset,but didn’t attack! They even allowed it to perch on their island for a few moments!
This must be one of their older offspring from years ago! I cannot see them allowing this. I’ve seen them go after other eagles over 1000 meters away! They are very territorial. Yes,….this has to be one of their own snooping around!
Both Mom & Dad made it very clear that they were not welcome back at the old homestead!

Windy Times

The winds picked up today & as a result,I had to stay on land. Maybe I’ll be able to get out in my boat tomorrow?
So my trusty back up location (Chesterman’s) was my destination today. There were some Surfers, Kite Surfers & Wave Riders having fun in the sun today. The strong wind made those Kite Surfers scoot along just fine!

“Salty” At Sunset

I originally shot this on the 5th (Sat.) of February. The weather has been very poor lately to say the least! So I thought you might like to see a shot of “Salty” that I haven’t shown before. I took about 500 shots of them both on this day. I will always remember this day! I’ve only dreamed of getting a wolf at sunset! But I didn’t get one wolf,I got 2! These opportunity’s do not present themselves very often! So I took advantage of it!
She had just left her mate “Pepper” & was walking westward down the beach. I saw this large wooden tree trunk in soft gold light & waited for her to walk into my framing!
I love the softness of the light! Very delicate tonal structure.


I managed to get out today. The light & weather was great! I went straight down to Cannery to see If I could find our injured friend? Sure enough,he was hauled out on the walkway to the float by it’s self. I noticed it doesn’t go too close to the others. I think it must be in pain & instinctively wants to stay apart? Continue reading “Cormorants”

Kenfalls Creek Pano

The weather broke early this morning (1am). The sun is setting later & later now!
I went down to Cannery to check on my furry friends. I was shocked to find that one of them has gotten entangled in some metal fishing line!! The skin has already started to separate! That line has to come off NOW if it is going to survive! Not sure how I’m going to do this,but have contacted people in the “know” for help! Will let you know how this tragic story unfolds.
I also found out that the Lions have abandoned Kenfalls Point! You can see my boat above on shore at Kenfalls Point. The Lions have laid the ground flat & bare with their movements in the forest!
I found out that this point of land is only the second known spot where the Lions haul out in the forest! The other location is up in Alaska.
I than left Cannery & went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. She wasn’t there,but the Daredevil was. He wasn’t very active today.

I moved on to visit with Moe & Maggie,as well as Romeo & Juliette. Both were very active today!
It was a great day out!
I will keep a eye on that Sea Lion! If that line is not taken off soon,it most certainly will die a painful death!

Injured Sea Lion!

I found this Sea Lion with metal fishing line wrapped around it’s throat! The line has already sliced through the lower throat region!
It’s slowly dieing! I am contacting people in the “know” to see if we can help this poor creature?
Unfortunately this scene is repeated everyday somewhere along the West Coast!

Kenfalls Point Abandoned

You can see how their great weight has flattened all the undergrowth! They have abandoned this spot very early! Their numbers have dropped dramatically! The only explanation I can think of for this is that there are fewer fish around to support their numbers!
Their movements in here have uncovered old bricks! A house with a chimney must of been here when the Cannery was operating!
I also found some old bottles!