I didn’t get out today,so this is from a few weeks ago (Feb 5th)
It was snowing this morning & than sprinkling later in the afternoon. Not the best kind of light & really useless for my wants!
Tomorrow afternoon “may” have some light coming through? Fingers crossed.
This is “Salty” walking on Meares Island near Tsapee Narrows. She just said bye to her mate “Pepper”& was strolling westward. The light at this moment was absolutely incredible! I just couldn’t of written this shoot better! Very lucky of me to come across them both!
Being at the right place at the right time cannot be overly stated!


The clouds parted & the sun came screaming through! About time!
I got out & went straight down to Cannery to check on my Lion friends. When I came around the corner into the Bay I was disappointed! I couldn’t find one Lion!
I looked closely & found this one Lion! While I was eating my lunch I noticed 7 or 8 more joining him. So they are still there, just not in the numbers I would prefer!
I couldn’t find that Injured Lion either! I’m pretty sure It moved on.
After visiting the Lions I decided to head over to Tranquil Inlet. The tide was coming up so it was perfect to enter into the river system!
As usual the Trumpeters were down there doing their thing. Aside from the Swans, I didn’t find anything else to write home about.
I than went to Tsapee Narrows. Angie was on the point,so I dropped in. She was a bit skittish today.
The Daredevil & Delilah were out & about as well. Didn’t stay very long. I wanted to get to Romeo before the sunset.
Moe came over to say hi as I went by Morpheus Island. The wind was coming in at a odd angle,so I couldn’t get the shooting angle I wanted.
Moved on to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo was in a bit of a mood. I wanted him to come over to his rock & perch,but he wasn’t into it!
Got a few of them both.
It was great getting out as always! I needed that!