Atleo Air And The Full Moon

This is the plane that went down. I found that I had shot this last December 2nd. I’m going to leave it here,I want to think of it in this way.
I think it shows a beautiful moment.
(and no,this is not photo shopped)
It’s a cropped shot . I shot this early December 2nd. The moon was setting as the sun was rising. The moon set at 8:39 am that day. There was some thin clouds obscuring the moon’s face as well.
He happened to be taking off when I was out and I did a series of shots.
He was about 1 mile away when I shot this with my big lens. It compresses the foreground and background.Thats why the moon looks so large.

Barge Coming Back to Tofino

This barge went out with a crane and picked up the wreckage. They found the plane in about 45 feet of water.
It was a very sad day today and the weather reflected that.
The Native village,Opitsat can be seen on Meares Island in the background.