Puff Ball #1

I was able to get out today and the sun was excellent! I knew I was going to have some good light to work with.
All I needed was some animals to model for me!
I went up to Island Cove and than Gunner Inlet. I didn’t see anything and was heading back out when I did one last over the shoulder check just to make sure……………and sure enough,there she was! A Sow came out of the bush and started to walk along the beach with her two cubs! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
I came in very quietly and was able to get a few good shots. The thing I liked about this shoot is that the bears for once came out on a shore in good light! Most of the times they are in the shade. Black bears in the shade do not go together!
The cubs seemed awfully small compared to all the other cubs I’ve seen?
I finished with them and moved on to my eagle friends.
All in all, a good night out!

Unknown Sailing Boat

I couldn’t find a name on the bow. Must of been on the Stern?
They were heading West into town. The wind was up but he was running on his engine. It would of been nice to shoot him with the sails up!
Nice boat.
UPDATE: This boats name is the “Resolution”.

Down But Not Out

I’ve always liked this stump and it’s location.
It’s on Indian Island. You can see it from the Grice Bay parking lot. I’ve always thought the a nude would look good up on this stump?
I think the best time to shoot it would be in the Spring. It’s warmer than and the model would appreciate my timing I’m sure!. Plus, I still have that beautiful background of snow covered mountains!
That tree must of been at least 500 years old! I’ve been up close to it and it’s bigger than you think! That cut must of been done after the tree had fallen. It’s way too high up the trunk for anybody to get a chainsaw up there! It still has it’s root ball ,so it must of been by the waters edge and fallen?
This stump has been there for years and will continue to be for decades I suspect!