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Puff Ball #1

Unknown Sailing Boat

The Perfect Salinity


The Kids (Puff Ball #1 & #2)

Down But Not Out

Coming Into the Darkness

Golden Pose

Heading Into The Light

Romeo Being Pestered By A Crow

Romeo Landing Onto His Rock

Romeo Landing

Romeo’s Sunset

Tofino Air Taking Off

Strike Sequence

Juliette Taking Off

Romeo ” Up Close and Personal”

Juliette Landing

Juliette’s Close Up

Landing Profile

Romeo at Sunset

Damon Landing at Sunset

Wide Eyed and Wide Taloned

Maggie Hitting

Solstice Paddle

Tofino Air Beaver Taking Off

The Lilybob-B

The Daredevil

Head On

The Daredevil and Delilah


The Daredevil

Meares Island Forest Rays

New Bear


Whatever You Are……..Go Away!

The Daredevil’s Profile Up Close


Delilah At Sunset

Romeo’s Rock At Sunset

Romeo and Meares Island At Sunset


Romeo’s Unique Pose

Strike Pose

Romeo Landing Onto His Rock

Juliette Perched In Golden Light

The Daredevil

Back in The Black

Delilah’s Standing Hit

Hit and Run (Fly?)