Megin Lake Vista

No,I didn’t get out today. The clouds,the clouds,..the clouds! Can’t take any shots until you get the light!
I always tell people that “I do not go when I want to……..only when I can”! In other words,when “Mother Nature” phones me up and invites me!
So…..because I didn’t (or couldn’t),I’m going to post more shots of my Megin lake camp out.
Hope you enjoy

Megin Lake

I went camping for 5 days up in Megin Lake with two other friends and had a great time!
The last two days did have overcast,but the first three were excellent!
I had my canoe flown in with me and used it to get about in the lake.
I didn’t come across much for wildlife,except the local eagle. It was rather skittish of me,…… as expected!
I will be uploading more as the week goes on,but these are the first I have gotten to.
Enjoy……..I sure did!!

Camp Site

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My friends had arrived the day before and already set up their camp. I camped to the right of them across the river… the shade!
I prefer the shade on those hot days!
The river was only 10 inched high,so I was able to walk across the Megin river from my camp site to our eating area on that small bouldered/graveled point.