20140703-IMG_946420140703-IMG_9478It was high tide when I headed out tonight. Knowing that, I knew finding any bears was going to be slim.
However,I did find one lonely bruin! I looked all along the entire eastern shore of Fortune Channel & was about to end my second pass on my way back when I came across a bear way back in 2nd bay. I got a few good shots but some clouds moved in & snuffed my light. I decided that this bear was going to be my only Bruin of the night,so I was going to wait. I waited for half a hour or so listening to all the evening chirps of many birds. It’s always so relaxing to just sit back & take in all of the sounds,smells & sights! A real smorgasbord for the senses!
The light finally came back & I got a few more of my furry friend.
Thanked my furry friend & said goodnight. I needed to get back for sunset. Once I turned the SE corner of Meares & was heading westward,I could clearing see a rather large solid looking cloud system moving in! I also could see that I had only 15 minutes or so of light left before it went bye bye! I stopped at Tsapee Narrows,as per usual to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. I knew these guys were going to be my last subjects of the night,so I stayed with them longer than normal.
After a few moon shots with them both side by side,I said goodnight & headed back. I had a change of heart & did go visit Romeo & Juliette.
I noticed something odd about some of the local eagles! On Canada Day,there is a rather loud fireworks demonstration in the harbour. A barge is pulled by a tug boat into the centre of the harbour & the fireworks are released from there.
As I said & you already know,fireworks display can be very very loud!
I noticed the day before Canada day that Maggie,Romeo & Juliette were all gone! I found that unusual & didn’t think much more of it.
I than wondered if they have a internal calendar accurate enough to know when this “loud” display was going to happen & get the hell out of dodge? I’m sure all the domestic animals must shake & hide when these loud displays happen & I bet all the resident animals must not like it either!
So,I wonder if they actually vacate the area to avoid this? Remember that any eagle with eaglets would have to stay around the nest of course,but Romeo/Juliette seem to be too old for that anymore.
Moe was hanging around true,but my girlfriend “Maggie” wasn’t & that was strange? I wonder where they go? I will try to remember to pay attention to this next year!
After taking a few shots of Romeo,I called it a night.


20130723-IMG_1564The wind was up a bit today,but I headed out anyways.Went straight up to Gunner Inlet looking for bears but found zero!
However,I did find a very expensive yacht anchored for the night! It was called the “Highland Mary”.

Headed over into Fortune Channel to continue my search for bruins. Found only one but it was “BIG RED”! He’s a favorite of mine lately!
Unfortunately he was a distance from shore,so I could only take a few. Headed back to town but stopped off at Tsapee Narrows for a visit with the Daredevil! Delilah was nowhere to be found but most likely on the nest?
Took a few shots of my friend & continued on to Deadman Island. As soon as I rounded the corner,Romeo’s “eagle eye’s” spotted me instantly! He flew straight over to greet me! I always love it when he does this! He’s the only one that does this greeting! (Juliette does sometimes but she can be so fickle)
I arrived alittle late & could only get a few shots of Romeo tonight.
I always have to watch that gorgeous sun setting while I’m traveling! Going from point to point takes a great deal of time for me & sometimes all I can do is watch!
Had a great nights shoot! Solved my engine problems by siphoning out the crap in my tank,but I still have that stupid leak coming into my boat! I cannot find any Zodiac glue in town?? I’m not sure I will be able to go out again until I repair it? It’s bigger than I had realized! A complete strip has come loose underneath! I have to repair that tomorrow!!


20130707-IMG_841920130707-IMG_842320130707-HARBOUR PANO,JULY 7TH,2013A friend phoned me just as I was getting out in my boat. He told me that there were Orca’s north of Meares island! The same pod I photographer a few weeks ago,T069’s.
If I had gotten the call a few minutes later I would not of heard the call. I travel with my headphones on listening to my music. It cuts out the loudness of the motor as well.
A group I know was getting out onto the water right where I put my boat in. They were in a dug canoe & stand up paddling boards. Took a few shots of them & I was off!
It was easy to find the Orca’s! I just looked for a bunch of boats not moving. Found them up by Cyper river. I prefer them to be in closer quarters. When Orca’s are out in the open you can never tell where they are going to be coming up? But if they are in narrow channels,you can make a good guess where they are going to be coming up! Sort of like cattle being put down a chute to load.
They reversed their course & went between acouple whale watching boats much to the delight of the tourists! I got some good shots of the large female surfacing right in front of them! You can see the shocked faces!
They went down & didn’t surface for awhile & when they did it was in the shadow of a mountain. (Catsface) The only shots you could take than are from the west looking east & that just seemed too difficult to try,so I said goodbye & headed over into Fortune Channel. I normally come into Fortune from the south end but because of the Orca’s location tonight I was going to be coming in from the north.
I had some motor trouble right in Matlaset Narrows but managed to get to shore to have a look. I determined it was my plugs & simply changed them. I continued onto my way into Fortune.
Found a Sow with two cubs,but I must of not been paying attention & spooked her. I must admit that time was not on my side tonight! The sun was low in the west & I had many miles to travel. So I must of come in to her to loud. I normally drift into the bear from the upwind side,but I didn’t have time to wait tonight.
Apologized to them & continued on my way south looking for more of my furry friends. Found one walking slowly along the shore & the light was fantastic! It walked right by a large downed tree. Best background prop yet!
Said goodnight to him/her(?) & went back into town.
Because of the time,I knew I’d be missing the sunset in town,so I did some silhouette shots with the afterglow.
Tsapee narrows was good but by the time I got to Deadman Island,even the afterglow was almost gone. So poor Romeo is not presented in his best light!
All in all,had a great venture tonight! Seeing the T069’s again was great! Hope to see them again,but maybe down the inlet in closer confines.

Pay and Paddle

Whenever I see these guys I always chuckle!
Remember how Tom Sawyer got a brat to paint his fence and get payed for it! This reminds me of the same thing. They run a business that charges you and than gets you to work your butt off and paddle this big dug out canoe! True it would be cool for a few minutes ,but only for a few minutes!
I’ve paddled just about every lake in Algonquin (& portaged) and have filled my need for paddling!
It makes a great photo however!

I got out today and went up to Fortune Channel for bears and came across 4 of them. One was in the shadows and another was skittish,so I got two bears today. Both females.
I tried to get some eagle shots but they didn’t want to do anything!
Came across some Herons as well!
Another day in paradise folks!