This is a local mountain called “Lone Cone” & no that doesn’t mean it’s volcanic. The word “cone” refers to a small mountain.We have another called “Vargas Cone” just south of Cox beach.

The locals say when Lone Cone puts on a hat good weather is on it’s way!


20130223-IMG_5940This is a Smolt barge heading out to one of Mainstream’s fish farms.Those white tanks contain thousands of tiny Atlantic salmon. This boat (The Go-Getter) will tow this barge out to a farm & the fish will than be emptied into a empty net pen.I forget how long they take to come to production size,but it is quicker than Chinook.


20130120-IMG_3526It was another cold,crisp day today in Tofino!
Got my gear together & headed out on yet another great Tofino adventure!
The first thing that caught my eye was the “Cape Ann” heading out. They were heading out to open ocean,so I couldn’t follow.
Than I found one of the Beck island eagles on that rock in the middle of the harbour again.
I continued through the harbour & found both Ernie & Ethel on that rocky islet on the north side of Strawberry island. Lots of eagles out on rocks today I guess!
Started heading eastward down Browning Pass all the while watching the shore intently on finding my wolf friends? No such luck today.
Went straight down to Cannery Bay to check in on my Lion friends & found them almost all gone!! There were only a handful hanging around! Not sure whats up with that? They can’t be leaving so early? The bait fish in the inlet has to be slim to none if their numbers are down that much. Animals ebb & flow like the tides & the reasons behind will remain a mystery to our eyes.
Took just a few shots of the boys & headed over to Rankin Rocks,or I should say “Tried” to! The last few days has been cold & calm. With no wind & freezing conditions at night,the surface water had frozen into sheet ice! (the fresh water is lighter & lays on top of the saltwater)
You hit that stuff with a fiberglass hull & you’ll be dead soon enough! It’ll rip through your hull,the boat will sink & you’ll die.
I saw it at a distance & gave it a wide berth. All of Tranquil Inlet & Rankin was covered in ice! So there was no way I was going down there! I did glass it with my binocs & saw nothing of interest anyways,so I continued on.
Time was on my side,so I decided to visit Rob & the boys at Gunner Inlet. They live there on float houses.I talked too much & the time flew by! I realized the light was going & I had better leave to get some of that sunset. I only got silhouette’s of my finely feathered friends. I stopped at Tsapee Narrows for a few with the Daredevil & Delilah. Said a quick goodnight & headed as fast as possible to Deadman island to get some afterglow shots with Romeo & Juliette.
Got in under the wire! They both were active tonight.
Said goodnight to them & called it a day!
Another great adventure for me today!


I went up Lemmings to visit with the Monas Island gang. I do not visit these guys very much but they sure recognized me! I went around the corner out of sight & one followed me!
You can see the top of Lone Cone in behind. If you were to hike up Lone Cone,you would come out on top at this spot.

“Native Sunrise” & Lone Cone

The Native Sunrise is a local Water Taxi. If you want to go somewhere,these are the guys you’ll be phoning for.
Lone Cone is in the background. I always use it as a gauge on how high the clouds are? I’d guess that the cloud ceiling is around 900 meters and the freezing limit is about 300 meters or so? You can see the snowline along Lone Cones mid-base.

Tofino Air

I watched as Tofino Air’s Beaver warmed up and took off up the coast near sunset. Bush Pilots can fly in all sorts of weather conditions! Hats off to them!
The snow covered mountain as a background,makes it look so magical!
Lone Cone is on Meares Island and directly behind the Native Village of Opitsat.
Lone Cone has the best view of the area bar none! Nothing can compete with it! It’s a good hike too!
I camped once over night! It was New Years Eve (91/92) and I had hiked all the way up to the top with all my camping gear. I found the hike hard! I couldn’t see the path. Everything was covered in snow! I had to carry all my water too! There are no stream up there.
One of the best things of the trip was letting fireworks off at midnight!
This trip was a very profound moment in my life! I will never forget it! I think we each have many of these moments through our lives.
Kind of like our Life’s pearls threaded by time!

Tofino Air Coming in to Land

I got out today. The sun is setting sooner and sooner now. I can see the difference!
I’m going to have to go out earlier if I want to go up Fortune for bears. It takes me about 40 minutes or so to get up there.
Usual suspects tonight! No wolfs or bears. The tide is too high when I go out right now and I only go out 2 hours before sunset. That doesn’t mean that I’m still not looking!

That mountain in behind the Beaver, is Lone Cone. Lone Cone is on Meares Island. I have climbed Lone Cone 22 times and would like to camp out up there again!I even climbed up there for New Years once and let off fireworks at midnight!
I need clear skies for that to happen however. A good strong high pressure system maybe?

Harbour Paddle

This is the first shot of the night. I saw this kayaker heading over to Wick island and Tofino Air’s plane was crossing in the background.
I than went to check on the Trail camera. I spotted the boat “Browning Passage” coming towards me in Browning Pass. They diverted and headed towards the shore . They had spotted “Salty and Pepper” (& pups) on shore. They were a distance away but I managed to get a few.
They are just about done that carcass and I suspect that I will be bringing back my rig tonight?
I went up Gunner Inlet and hung around for awhile listening to the birds and peacefulness. I always like to have my sweet treat while drifting silently up there!
The bears have been rather silent lately? I think I will go visit Mosquito harbour tomorrow night to see whats happening? I’ve heard there are a few Bruins up Fortune Channel?
Mosquito is on the NE corner of Meares Island and is the spot where a saw mill use to be. Not much left there now! Just some pilings in the water and probably a few building remains on land but nothing to write home about.
Another great night out!

“True North Strong and Free”

The light kind of lifted today,but not by much!
Yesterday had much better light. I took this shot in town at the Coast Guard Station. I wanted the flag in the foreground and the snow of Lone Cone in the background.
Shame the Coast Guards own flag was wrapped and not flying free.
I than went out to Chestermans because there was a chance that a clearing could happen!
You can see the Native village “Opitsaht” in the background. It’s on Meares Island and you can only get there by boat. There is a constant stream of boats going back and forth to Tofino.
I found out after I had posted this,that today happens to be “National Flag Day”!
How fitting!

Cats Face and Lone Cone

I did another pano but tightened the shot alittle.
The mountain on the left is Cats Face. This is the mountain that is going to be mined! They effectively will be slicing the top third off. There is a low grade copper deposit there.
Many of us are trying to stop this from happening!
The mountain on the right is Lone Cone and is on Meares Island. I’ve climbed that mountain 22 times and spent New Years Eve there once. I even let of fireworks at midnight!
I’ll never forget that adventure! It was nothing short of remarkable!

Naden Isle Heading Out

20000101-20000101-IMG_4215This boats name is the Naden Isle and was heading out of the harbour after sunset. Lucky timing for me,but than thats what it’s all about! Being at the right place at the right moment!
You can see Lone Cone on Meares Island in the background. You can also see all that forest fire haze from the Mainland too.

Lone Cone and Atleo Air

Atleo Air was flying south & the top of Lone Cone was in behind. Atleo is Tofino’s best Air service!
I put this one up to show the top of Lone Cone. There is a path up to the top and it comes out at the top of that rock out crop behind the plane. It is without a doubt the best spot to view Tofino and the surrounding landscape.
I love to climb this mountain and have been up there 22 times. One time I climbed up on New Years Eve and let off fireworks at midnight! I camped overnight. It went down to -18c that night,but I had good gear. I always say that there is no such thing as bad weather……..only bad clothing.