I was planning on going down to the camp site today to do some work but I got a call from someone who wanted to go out on a photo shoot & did that instead.
I take people out from time to time. They always say they got the best eagle shots of their lives!

However,the wind was up! I hate it when the wind gets up! It moves me out of position,gets me wet & makes the ride rough! Plus it darkens the waters surface making silhouettes poor.
We went up to Fortune channel looking for bears. It was low tide,so that should of been the best time to see them but we didn’t see a one in Fortune.
I have a theory that bears like to stay inside the forest on windy days. The wind makes waves of course & those waves crash upon the shore. This & the wind howling in their ears makes noise!
Bears need to be able to hear well to know when other bears are around. If they can’t hear,they get skittish. So they stay on the inside.
The waves were large enough too that we had to go into a bay,beach the boat & wait for a hour or so. The added weight in the bow makes the boat go through instead of over the waves,making lots of splashing!

Having said that,we did find one bear in Gunner inlet. Gunner is smaller & more protected. It unfortunately was laying down resting. It’s better to approach a bear when it’s grazing. It’s attention is consumed with grabbing the grass or overturning the rocks for Crabs.
It watched us come into the inlet & thats all it needed to say “I’m out of here”. We never got within 500 meters before the silly bear wandered off into the forest!
My client never got any bear shots today.
Headed out of Gunner & went to Tsapee Narrows. My eagle friends gave a good show & he got some good shots of them at least.
Headed into town to visit Romeo. Got some sunset silhouettes & that was all she wrote.
Not much of a shoot but the client was happy & thats all that matters on these shoots.


Most of you will be able to see the Sun Dog in the background.
In case you are not familiar with a Sun Dog,I will briefly explain.
Look at the sun as a clocks face.
A Sun Dog looks like a small rainbow and it only occurs at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions! In this shot you can see that it’s only the 3 o’clock position. The clouds are too thick on the other side!
It’s actually frozen moisture very high up in the atmosphere and is a forewarning that the weather is going to change within a 24 hour period!
Romeo decided to pose very nicely for me too!
How sweet of him!