(I had to reuse this shot)
Well,I went out tonight with one purpose and one purpose only……..to get that trail camera dug out of the sand!
I landed on the beach and new instantly that it was gone! I couldn’t see or find it anywhere! The beach had been scoured clean! It looked like a totally new beach! I walked up the beach searched everywhere but no camera. It was in a waterproof housing but I suspect that the salt water most likely would of gotten in and she was toast in seconds after being hit! Very large fresh trees had been uprooted and would of been like battering rams to anything on the beach.
I did find the post,but it had been snapped and the camera case was gone!
Looks like the ocean is interested in photography! I have the card from it however so Mother Nature won’t be taking any pictures soon!!
I did find that Elephant Seal carcass however! But without a camera to record the wildlife,it seems a mute point!

I went on my merry way down Browning Pass and to Tsappee Narrows. Neither the Daredevil or his mate ,Delilah were home.
Romeo was however!
I just puttered around trying to save the afternoons shoot.


The clouds broke after almost a week of stormy weather! I couldn’t wait to get out! It seems so long!
The first thing I did was go check on my trail camera. I found that the storm waves had moved it further into the beach and buried it partially!
I got the card out of it and just left it for the night. I will have to go back tomorrow with a shovel and dig it out.
The carcass is still in the area as well & it’s even further back towards the forest line!

For the rest of the night…….I went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears. I came across two bears tonight.
No eagles today. I think they are all still on vacation at the spawning grounds?
Great to get out after being shut out for so long!
UPDATE : I couldn’t get back to the camera the next day. It took two days and by the time I got back with a shovel,it was gone!
The ocean has taken it!
The carcass was still there however!

Strange Animal?

This is one of the creatures that my Trail camera caught. It appears to not only have strange markings on the side of it’s “body”,but also be holding something in it’s paw? (a Bud I think?)
It may be one of those “Forest Nymphs” I’ve heard about??

OK. It would appear that the vast majority of the shots my Trail Cam took were of people walking in front of the camera! This beach faces south and people just cannot stay away from it. The weather is going to be helping me out in that regard! If it’s not sunny……they will not come! I hope?
If anyone knows this woman,tell her where she can find her picture!

Dead Elephant Seal and Trail Camera Setup

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Looks like nothing has been nibbling away yet! There were campers 150 meters away for the last two nights however.
Wolfs will travel around islands looking along the tide line for tasty offerings from the ocean!
Namely….Mr. Elephant Seal! Another volunteer for my documentation of the local wildlife. Always good to get to know your neighbors!
The carcass is still so fresh that it’s not giving off a large scent cloud yet.
It would be similar to us smelling the Thanksgiving Turkey when we enter a house!
When it starts getting stinky, is when the neighbors drop by for a bite or two?
I’ll keep you guys in the loop!

The rest of the night was spent looking for wolfs and eagles.
I did come across one eagle and zero wolfs. The Daredevil was down at Tsappee Narrows and did two strikes! I was impressed! I haven’t seen them being active in awhile. The light was excellent! Just the way I like it! Served up warm!
After this, I went into the harbour for the sunset. When I was heading out of the harbour earlier,I remembered seeing acouple sailing boats anchored for the night. The “Launa” and the “Lightspeed”.
I did a few shots near sunset of them both. They both were beautiful boats! The Lightspeed looks like a fast boat!
After all was said and done,It turned into another great Tofino Sunset!