Harbour Pano

We got alittle snow today. I went down to the harbour to see if I could get any snowy mountain shots?
Tofino Air was about to turn and take off when I decided to shoot a pano of the harbour.
I then went out to the beach,shot a few and came back into the harbour for sunset.
There was some interesting light happening in the harbour near sunset!
You can see the Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” tied up on the right.

Military Aircraft

I saw this plane and than realized it was Military.
I do not know the name of this aircraft but have asked a friend and will update accordingly.
He must of been coming in for a landing at the Airport because he has the landing gear deployed.
UPDATE:(next day) I found out that this is a Lockheed CP-140 Aurora and it probably was not about to land.
It was built as a Sub Hunter and recon. Submarines are made of iron and iron disrupts the Ines of magnetism. What this plane does is look look for anomalous magnetic signatures where there shouldn’t be one!
It detects the subs with it’s tail section. Thats what that stinger like probe is on the rear of the plane. It’s called a ‘MAD” tail stinger. A Magnetic Anomalous Detector.
Thanks Andy and Ian for the info!

Tug and Barge

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I’m guessing on this one? I think this Tug is pulling a barge with fish farm nets on it. Thats what the crane is for.
They are going to change the nets out. The nets are very large and heavy because of sea growth It accumalates over time. The nets get “fouled” and they need to be changed all the time. They foul quicker in the summer because of the warmer surface water.
Those brown rolls on the deck of the barge are the new nets and I bet the crane will be coming back in with dirty nets tomorrow? They wash them clean and reroll them. They than are taken out and changed again.
The nests always need to be changed. If they were not changed ,they would grow heavier and heavier with many tons of growth until it would be so heavy that the material would break and the entire net would fall to the floor!