Harbour Pano

We got alittle snow today. I went down to the harbour to see if I could get any snowy mountain shots?
Tofino Air was about to turn and take off when I decided to shoot a pano of the harbour.
I then went out to the beach,shot a few and came back into the harbour for sunset.
There was some interesting light happening in the harbour near sunset!
You can see the Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” tied up on the right.

Military Aircraft

I saw this plane and than realized it was Military.
I do not know the name of this aircraft but have asked a friend and will update accordingly.
He must of been coming in for a landing at the Airport because he has the landing gear deployed.
UPDATE:(next day) I found out that this is a Lockheed CP-140 Aurora and it probably was not about to land.
It was built as a Sub Hunter and recon. Submarines are made of iron and iron disrupts the Ines of magnetism. What this plane does is look look for anomalous magnetic signatures where there shouldn’t be one!
It detects the subs with it’s tail section. Thats what that stinger like probe is on the rear of the plane. It’s called a ‘MAD” tail stinger. A Magnetic Anomalous Detector.
Thanks Andy and Ian for the info!

Tug and Barge

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I’m guessing on this one? I think this Tug is pulling a barge with fish farm nets on it. Thats what the crane is for.
They are going to change the nets out. The nets are very large and heavy because of sea growth It accumalates over time. The nets get “fouled” and they need to be changed all the time. They foul quicker in the summer because of the warmer surface water.
Those brown rolls on the deck of the barge are the new nets and I bet the crane will be coming back in with dirty nets tomorrow? They wash them clean and reroll them. They than are taken out and changed again.
The nests always need to be changed. If they were not changed ,they would grow heavier and heavier with many tons of growth until it would be so heavy that the material would break and the entire net would fall to the floor!

Maggie Cloned?

No, She was not cloned.
I tried something alittle different however. Instead of tracking them as I always do,I stayed put and let her fly through my scene!
I used Strathcona’s beautiful snow covered mountains as my wallpaper and shot it near sunset for the warmer colours!
Maggie flew right through,all the while smiling while she posed for me!
I combined all the shots into one. I took 5,but 4 turned out.
I used a shorter focal length so as to boost my depth of field. Can never have enough depth of field.
To showcase this shot,I am not going to correct the date. I shot it the same day as the others below,but if I put the correct date on it,the software will place it at the bottom of all the shots I took that day!
She’d be buried!!
She really does look so beautiful and needs to be placed right at the top!

Californian Sea Lion

That arctic high pressure system was still strong today,but it’ll collapse over night and bring the clouds back. It’s been clear and cold during this high pressure system and as a result the light has been very good!

I decided to go down to Cannery Bay today and visit my furry friends before the light went bye bye. They seemed very relaxed today. Very few freaked and went into the water.
I think they are getting use to me and know that I am not a threat.
This was the first fellow I came across. I say fellow because as you already know,they are all guys. The females and young are down south in warmer waters!
Looks like we know who the smarter sex are!
The vast majority are Californians ,but there are some Stellers as well.


The two eagles down at Cannery I am calling “Cam and Carla”. They have their nest down on the north side of Cannery. I do not see them on the nest very often. Only once actually and I have never seen the female!
Long way to go to visit these guys. It takes me 45 minutes traveling time to get there. Thats a hour and half of no shooting while the light is excellent! I have to have a really good reason to go down here.
In the Spring,the Sea Lions will leave Cannery Bay and I will not go back down the inlet until the Fall,when the salmon run!


I wanted to show the setting the Sea Lions were in. You can see many many Sea Lions laying about! You can also see that slide float in the foreground as well.
The sun was heating up this entire area and I can see why this was their favorite spot!
I am looking north.


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I see this happening all the time.
A Sea Lion wants to get up onto a nice spot and one or others stop it! Finding a good spot is like Prime Real Estate! It’s in demand and will be fought over!
The Sea Lion in the water wants up onto the end of the dock (which appears to be weighed down with his friends) and two others are trying to stop him!
The one with it’s mouth wide open did something I thought was funny!
When the Lion in the water came up beside him,he shook his head vigorously in the”NO” manner! As if to say “FORGET IT PAL……YOUR NOT GETTING UP HERE”
The one in the water smacked the one with it’s mouth wide open and explains why it did have it’s mouth wide open!
They get along pretty well,but will smack each other when their is a territorial (sunning spot) dispute!

The Daredevil Strikes

This is the moment that they begin that one very strong downstroke with their wings! They only do one stroke like this one. The wings are turned like hands clapping. The next stroke after that one will be a normal one. Up and down.
I caught the Daredevil in his element. He’s even turning his head to give a better profile!

Coming Up to Perch

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The Daredevil came around a corner down at Tsappee and I knew where he was heading! I quickly got the exposure /focus and started to track him.
He likes this perch spot. They each seem to have their own favorite spots.
Juliette has her own eating spot. Since the nest has fallen,she’s been eating over there.
I like it when theres alittle wind. They have to turn into it and than I know the angle to place myself. If I know the direction their going to be coming in at,than I can set myself up and wait.

Dardevil’s Mate

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She’s the only one that does such extreme twists or rotations!She only did a partial backwards flip today.
I’ve seen her on one occasion do a full rotation like a airplane prop! I have never seen another eagle ever do something like that before and I don’t have a clue as to why she does it ?


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This the only true way of telling who’s who. You need them both together.
Compare the head size. The larger one is the female.
This is Romeo and Juliette. I know them really well! I even know that Romeo has a problem with his left eye!
I saw something once in his left eye . I zoomed in and found there to be some kind of black dot off center of his left eye!
I’m not sure what this is but a friend told me he saw the same thing in Oyster Catchers once!
There are only two shots in this slide show. The shot that has no shadows on them ,has Romeo on the left and obviously on the right in the other because of the angle change.

Take A Guess?

Try to figure out whats going on before reading any further……….

This barge is anchored in the harbour.They’ve already loaded it so that it’s ready for transport tomorrow morning.
It is own by Mainstream. A Fish Farm for Atlantic Salmon.
What they’ve done is loaded the barge full of fish feed. Thats what those large white bags are.
They’ve attempted to tarp the feed to keep the Gulls at bay,but I don’t think it’s working. The Gulls aren’t stupid. They know that there is feed there and they peck at the sides to open it up. The tarps are going to be full of Gull droppings! A very messy affair I bet!
A crane lifts these large bags into a Hopper. Fish feed comes in different pellet sizes. The larger the fish they are feeding,the larger the pellet size.When the fish are very small they eat what is called “Crumble” or very small pellets.
It takes about 4 lbs of wild fish to make a Salmon put on 1lb! Thats a 4 to 1 ratio.

Harbour Scene

The sun had set ,but I’m always looking around for something to shoot.
These Cormorants were on a harbour rock and one of them had it’s wings spread open to help dry them.
You can see in the background a red and white house. This is owned by the Lovekins . I met Steve Lovekin a number of years ago.The father and mother were both doctors.
Steve told me a story about his Dad many years ago.
When they first moved here,they were in the park. They lived close to the beach. Right on the other side of the road where the Long Beach Parking lot is. The water tanks for the washrooms down in the parking lot are located where their house use to be. There is a height difference and it gives some pressure to flush.
I do not know what year this happened in,but I’ll say around 40’s or 50’s?
A native came running up to the house to tell the Doctor that a large whale had washed ashore on the beach! The Doctor being just that,A Doctor,thought he would try to do a Necropsy. He went down to the beach with several sharp instruments,but was disappointed when he found it on it’s stomach! He would not be able to enter the stomach cavity because of the very large rib bones protecting it even in death!
However,to come back with something at least. He cut out the eye ball of the whale and brought it up to the house in a wash basin.
His wife was a eye Doctor!

Sunset Pink

The only time you get pinks like this is when there are no clouds to the west and the air is clean. Very little humidity and dust particles.
All that rain we got, acts like Mother Natures Swiffer cloth! It cleans the air of all that particle suspension.
The cooler temperatures also reduces the evaporation/humidity and the atmosphere is clearer! Only when you get good clear skys will you get good pinks!
The pinks have one of the longest wavelengths and as a result,the last colour after the sun has set!

Fishing at Sunset

The afterglow was great,so I hung around for awhile . Sometimes a fishing boat will come into the harbour at these type of moments?
You can see three Cormorants heading out to one of the islands for the night. Many birds head out to these islands for protection from ground predators!
The boat look great with this afterglow!

Daredevil’s Mate

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That cold high pressure cell is still holding and it gave clear skys! I got out in the afternoon and went straight down to Tsappee Narrows to visit my friends.
They both seemed chirpy and active. No sign of “Junior”. He only seems to be around for the day when I see him.
I had bunch of River Otters check me out while I was at Tsappee. They are always curious creatures and almost always travel in groups. Safety in numbers!

A Small Raft of River Otters

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While I was at Tsappee Narrows,I noticed a small “Raft” of River Otters . They went by me all the while popping up to see exactly what I was . They are such curious creatures.
They range in weight from 11-30 lbs and live for 8-9 years on average. They have the densest fur of any animal on the planet. (60,000 hairs per square cm)
The female gives birth to 1-6 young and the collective terms used to describe them are a “Family,Bevy,Romp,and Raft”.

Tail Skimming

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I see this from time to time when they come in. If they are very low or close to the water,their tail will “skim” across the water when they are about to hit.
I believe that the tail is a means by which they prevent themselves from hitting the water! If they go into the water,they can have trouble getting back out. They only weigh in at 14lbs or so and all that water makes them very heavy! I’ve seen two swimming to shore,but both of those had a fish and could not get into the air!

Moe and Maggies Baby!

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This is Moe and Maggies offspring from last year.
As they grow older their tail will start to get white nearest to the rear end. Junior here is 1 year old and has no white yet. They get their fully mature colours at 4.5 -5 years of age!
I use their tail as a measure stick for their age!


She came in so close that I cut off her talons and wing tip with my composition! It happens so fast that all I can do is shoot and prey that I get them all in the frame?
Most times I do,sometimes I do not.
The light was turning very warm in colour . I prefer to shoot only during this period,but it does not last very long in time. I always finish the days shoot at Deadman Island with Romeo and Juliette. They have the best location for taking advantage of that really warm light!
I wonder when they are going to start to rebuild their nest? It fell down during the winter and will stop them from having any offspring this year. They didn’t have any last year either!
Thats a first for them.
They always have had two offspring………but not last year or this year!

Juliette’s Eating Perch

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They each have a unique personality and Juliette prefers to eat at this spot. Deadman Island is actually two Islands,not one. One to the north (nest) and one to the south.
The one to the south is where this perch is. She really likes this perch for eating.
We all have our favorite eating spots. Mine is at Frank Island!

Various Shots of Romeo

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You can see how that warm light was making his feathers stand out. They always look just that much more beautiful in this type of light.
It only happens right near sunset and does not last very long!
You can see him wiping his beak after eating in one of the shots.
I cut of his wing tip when he came in for the hit. It’s so hard to keep them centered when you zoom in on them!