20140320-DAFADIL PANO-220140320-IMG_7063-2This island has Daffodils on it! They always come up in the Spring. I can only guess that some planted them there? I’ll speculate even further & say they were planted there because someone who loved this area died & close friends planted them………….or at least it makes a good story!
I saw shot gun shells littering the island. Duck hunters use this spot to hunt from.


20130512-IMG_206820130512-IMG_207020130512-IMG_207520130512-IMG_207820130512-IMG_208120130512-IMG_2074It was overcast today,so I thought I’d head on over to Ken Gibson’s garden to see how the Rhodo’s were coming along?
The best light to photograph flowers is on a overcast day. Preferably after a bit of a rain too.
Ken’s garden is beginning to show it’s colours! Always so nice to walk among all of his beautiful Rhododendrons!


This magnificent floral display was grown by Ken Gibson. He planted it when he was 30 years old. He know is 70.
This rare Rhodo comes from NE India originally.( Manipur 8000-9000 feet)
This specimen was very large! I told Ken that If he could get a tall step ladder,that I would do a better shoot for him. I love taking shots of flowers from time to time. They stay put,unlike my animal friends.
The name is “R Macrabeanum” ( Flowering Tree) It’s colour ranges from a light cream to a deep yellow,or a greenish yellow.
Ken has worked for many years with his beloved Rhodo’s & is recognized Nationally for his achievements!
People actually take Bus tours up to Tofino for the soul purpose of visiting Ken’s beautiful garden! That in it’s self,tells you how well known he is in the Rhodo world!
Even his car license plate is “RHODO”.
thanks Ken

It was a unusual day for weather & as a result…….the light. I did take my camera with me out to the beach,but I wasn’t inspired by anything!
I came back into town & than noticed it getting brighter in the west. I came back home & went to the Long Beach Lodge camera. It looks directly west & gives a good idea whats happening with the local weather.
I went to the site & saw the sun was about to come screaming through at sunset! There were rain veils all over the place coming from very dramatic dark clouds! It was going to be a fantastic & unique sunset & I was going to miss it!!
I could only watch & grind my teeth! I hate being caught like this!
Can’t be everywhere. Oh well.
So as a second choice I decided to put up this Rhodo I just shot. With it being the first day of Spring,I thought a flower would be nice!


I didn’t go out in the boat today because of the poor light.
We had cloud cover all day. On days like this,I try to shoot flowers. It’s the only time you can shoot flowers really.
Clouds are Mother Natures diffusing umbrella!They make the light more uniform.
Tomorrow looks poor for light as well but we may have a good sunset?
Fingers crossed!
I shot all of these at the Tofino Botanical Gardens. They always have such beautiful flowers out there!

Ken Gibson’s Garden

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The light today was very diffused and the only thing I shoot when it’s that way are flowers,forests and nudes!
Ken Gibson has the largest Rhododendron garden you have ever seen! It’s a remarkable achievement and must demand alot of attention.
People come here by the bus loads specifically to walk around Ken’s garden!
The Rhododendron’s are coming into season and they will give a magnificent display for a month or so!
He lives up on 4rth St. and welcomes people onto his property. Bring your camera and remember that the best days to shoot something like this is on overcast days. Maybe even rainy ones?

Daffodil Islet and Strathcona

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Somebody planted these here and they always come up each year! I call this rock,Daffodil Islet. It’s just north of the Meares Big Tree trail entrance way.
Normally I do not like to see signs of human activity when I go out in the wilderness! True,it is a domesticated flower but I do not mind it and you just know that somebody planted it there for some reason?
Probably to mark a spot where they buried a friends ashes?

Bull Kelp

I found this Kelp on the beach. It had a nice shiny wet look about it.
It roots on the bottom and has little air pocket buds that help keep it afloat. It reaches for the surface because it needs the sun to grow.
I read old Ship Journals sometimes. The journal of John Boit on board the Columbia was interesting. This ship visited this area back in 1791. They recorded many facts in their journals and one I remember was about this kind of Kelp.
They went into a bay down south of here somewhere and they always check not only the depth,but also the kind of bottom.(sandy,gravel,mud etc)
At any rate,I remember they said that this Kelp was on the surface and they were surprised that the depth was 20 fathoms! A fathom is 6 feet.
That means that the Bull Kelp was 120 feet long! Thats incredible! It was as long as a 12 story building!
You can eat it as well,but I’ll stick to a garden salad thank you very much.
Your garden compost however, loves it.