20140320-DAFADIL PANO-220140320-IMG_7063-2This island has Daffodils on it! They always come up in the Spring. I can only guess that some planted them there? I’ll speculate even further & say they were planted there because someone who loved this area died & close friends planted them………….or at least it makes a good story!
I saw shot gun shells littering the island. Duck hunters use this spot to hunt from.


20130512-IMG_206820130512-IMG_207020130512-IMG_207520130512-IMG_207820130512-IMG_208120130512-IMG_2074It was overcast today,so I thought I’d head on over to Ken Gibson’s garden to see how the Rhodo’s were coming along?
The best light to photograph flowers is on a overcast day. Preferably after a bit of a rain too.
Ken’s garden is beginning to show it’s colours! Always so nice to walk among all of his beautiful Rhododendrons!