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Wave Rider and Paddle Boarder

Bert or Ethel?

Paddle Boarder

Wave Rider

Splish Splash

Digging In

Heading In

Hula Hooping

Sunset Ride

Frank and Frieda

Beach Walks

Wave Watching

Beach Run

Juliette Comes In

Romeo Strikes

Juliette Strikes

Blue Heron

Alittle Odd?

Maggie Comes In

Blue Heron

Unknown Boat,Ahoushat Pride and Coast Guard

The Happy Couple


Beach Walk

The Comings and Goings of Frank

Lennard Lighthouse

Wick Surf

The “Wishing Star” in a Northwester

Brave Soul

Kite Surfing

Catching a Wave

Two More Brave Souls

Lighthouse Wave Crash

Wave Crash


Frank’s on the Hunt

Return Flight


Wave Crash,Light Flash

Sunset Gull

The Wishing Star

Coming In

Showing Off

“Honey,I’m Home”

Classic Vampire Pose

Junior is Home as Well

Braking and Turning

Unknown Immature

Belted Kingfisher

Take Off