20140710-IMG_0605We are in the middle of a heat wave right now. Being by the ocean,our temperatures do not get extremely hot. I personally like cooler temperatures! I have no windshield on my boat,so in the winter it does get very cold sometimes,but in the summer time,it’s a relief!
Headed out right at low tide,so I knew I’d find some bears for sure! Found Scamp in 2nd bay as per normal as well as a second bear! I soon realized this second larger bear was the one who attacked Scamp a few days ago! I believe this bear must of been Scamp’s mother. She’s trying to cut the umbilical cord with Scamp. She wants him to survive & so he must find his own way in the world!
They both were walking/eating (overturning rocks for baby crabs) in the same direction. After awhile Scamp’s mother stopped overturning rocks & slowly continued to walk towards Scamp. Scamp was very aware of his Maw & what she was trying to do. She was trying to get within striking distance! Scamp saw her getting closer & would have none of this! He hurried further northward & later into the forest cover.
Scamp’s mother moved further back from the shore into some tall grass,so I said goodnight to her & thanked her.
I went further north along Fortune Channel’s shore. I found a bear in tall grass but couldn’t get a clear shot. It was on a thin bridge of land joining a island. So I went around the island to get a better perspective.(reverse angle). I went up on land & thats when I realized there was a second smaller bear with it. A Sow & cub! I backed off & got back in my boat. I do not like disturbing a mother & cub. Walking around on land “can” disturb them,but from the water they are far more tolerant!
I took some silhouettes of them & than once again,went around the island where I was originally to get better angle. This Sow appears to know me from previous years. It’s so hard for me to remember them all! Only if they have a physical marker,can I remember them. A nick out of their ear,a scar across their nose etc.
The cub seemed to accept me,so I set about to get some good shots of them both in excellent light! I realized by this time that the sun was low & I normally would of been gone by now but didn’t want to leave with such beautiful conditions & subjects to work with!
I’m calling the Sow “Sally” & the cub “Shorty”. Sally walked further away from me into the shade of the island,so I called it quits. I needed to get back before loosing the light. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to make it back into the harbour for sunset,so I did the next best thing & stayed at Tsapee narrows with the Daredevil & Delilah! The moon was absolutely frigging perfect! I wait all month for these moments! The moon had perfect contrast & was low enough to be able to get both eagles in front of it!
This where I wish I had a bigger lens to get closer? Stayed with my two feathered friends for awhile & than headed back in. By this time the sun had set & there was some afterglow going on,but nothing to write home about.

Coming across Sally & Shorty made my night! Look forward to seeing them both again!