20130615-IMG_570020130615-HARBOUR PANO,JUNE 15TH,2013Went up into Gunner looking for my furry friends but no one was home! I wasn’t shocked because it was high tide & the shoreline was narrow.
I did go pick that helmet up & found a full beer amongst the rest of the shore debris!
Always surprised what I sometimes find along the shorelines!
Started to go over into Fortune Channel but my motor was acting up again! I think it’s water in the fuel! After a few minutes it was fine but I decided to call it quits to be on the safe side & headed back into town!
So I never went over into Fortune & as a result ………didn’t get any bears tonight!
By the time I got into the harbour,I was feeling better about the engine & went to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo saw me at a distance & came out to greet me! He does this from time to time to bring me back to his home. It always makes me smile! He’s such a character!
My motor acted up & so did Mother Nature! She called in the clouds & the light went south! Just as well I didn’t go looking for bears anyways in such poor light!
Some nights are better than others & tonight was mediocre at best,but I just roll with it!


20130223-IMG_5940This is a Smolt barge heading out to one of Mainstream’s fish farms.Those white tanks contain thousands of tiny Atlantic salmon. This boat (The Go-Getter) will tow this barge out to a farm & the fish will than be emptied into a empty net pen.I forget how long they take to come to production size,but it is quicker than Chinook.


20121206-Snowy Mountain Pano,December 6th,201220121206-Snowy Cat Face Pano,December 6th,2012
The weather has been poor to bad lately,so when I saw a semi good clearing coming,I made a dash for the boat!That clearing did close up on me after I got out but not enough to snuff all the good light.
Because of getting out later than normal,I was forced to stay in the harbour area. Tomorrow looks better for getting down to visit with the Lions!
I did come across that Brown Pelican as well. I found it was injured! It somehow got a cut along the back of it’s head? Rod Palm is going to try & capture? It needs to go to a Vets to get stitched up! I’m going to try to go along to record the event.
Fingers crossed for our feathered friend & the weather to clear!!

Miss Tina and Cats Face

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I got out again today but the light was gone! I got out for one reason and one reason only……….to set up that trail camera beside that dead Sea Lion I found yesterday down by Cannery bay!
Because I was in the neighbourhood, I continued on past that spot and went to visit my furry friends. The numbers just keep reducing as more leave the inlet.
I dropped in on a friend who lives out in the boonies!
Rob lives at the mouth of Gunner Inlet. He’s been there for years.
We chatted for awhile and he showed me one of his recent pieces of artwork. A beautiful piece! I took it outside and did a few shots.

The “Miss Tina” was coming into the harbour as I was just getting out. You can see that the light was poor at best and it got worse as the day went on!

Kayaking at Sunset

After spending some quality time with my buddy Romeo,I decided to head out to the Lighthouse for the sunset!
That, at this time of year in a small boat is not to be taken or done lightly! I went around the corner to see how the sea was and decided that if it looked not bad,I’d go for it!
Turns out I WAS able to get out for the sunset! The swell was medium, but I still had to be very careful!

I saw this kayak heading out just as I was about to go around the corner to the Lighthouse.
The mountain in behind is Cats face. A mining company wants to mine it for copper. The top third of the mountain would be coming off!
There goes the neighborhood!

Cats Face and Lone Cone

I did another pano but tightened the shot alittle.
The mountain on the left is Cats Face. This is the mountain that is going to be mined! They effectively will be slicing the top third off. There is a low grade copper deposit there.
Many of us are trying to stop this from happening!
The mountain on the right is Lone Cone and is on Meares Island. I’ve climbed that mountain 22 times and spent New Years Eve there once. I even let of fireworks at midnight!
I’ll never forget that adventure! It was nothing short of remarkable!

Tofino Air Taking Off

I didn’t want to be out in the boat today.
Strange for me to say that,but it’s true.
The Blow Hole was going off and no matter what I tried to do,I couldn’t get down there! I was very disappointed!
The next time a opportunity like that happens may be years!
I decided to go out in the boat and try to salvage the days shoot. I only visited the Tsappee Narrows couple. A large expansive cloud layer moved in and cut the light off.
If you don’t have the light…..than whats the point??
That’ll be my Mantra!
I got a few shots today. The ocean swell was actually reaching into the harbour and I don’t remember ever seeing that before!

Tofino Air’s Beaver was taking off as I was just getting out and I took a few . You can see Cats Face mountain range in the background. This range is going to be mined for copper and the mountain top will effectively be sliced off in the process.
Progress for the masses!