Green Flash Sequence

Some low cloud diffused the actual flash,but it was still visible.
The best time to see green flashes is in the Winter! After a cold front moves through. The rain cleans the air of all the suspension. That’s critical!
The cleaner the air ,the better. Also no clouds on the western horizon. Take a pair of binocs with you and watch from a high spot if you can.

Rare Green Flash At Sunset

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This is the best Green Flash sequence I have shot! I was very happy when it “went”! You never know if the conditions are perfect for this Meteorological Phenomenon to happen!
You basically need clean air and a cold layer over the oceans surface!
The best time is after a cold front moves through the area. All the rain cleans the air of all the suspension and the cold layer bends the light at the surface!
Check out this site
He knows alot more about this than I.
From the point of turning,this entire sequence took 3 seconds!

Rare Green Flash at Sunset

This is an actual “Green Flash”.
For those of you that have never heard of this,check out this
They occur more often in the winter. You need a cold layer,an inversion. The sun is way below the TRUE horizon by the time you see this green flash.
The best way to see these is with a pair of binoculars ,up on a Headland(above the water,the higher the better) & obviously at the ocean. You need a clear horizon to the west. No
If your going to be brave & try to shoot this,you’ll need as big as lens as you can get. Something in the order of at least a 400mm. I have a 1200mm that I use sparingly,because it’s awkward . A really good tripod. That means steady. Not some little plastic tripod you picked up at the corner store.If you bring something comfortable to lay on ,you could use a rock as a table. Just bring something soft(your jacket?) to place on the rock so your camera doesn’t get all scratched up
Oh,that little black dot …………thats Frank. One of the eagles from Frank Island
I guess he just had to be in the shot. He’s such a ham!

Green Flash!

This shot was cropped so much that you can see the noise in the shot. I wasn’t fully extended with my focal length and had to pay for it.
You need clean,cold air. The best opportunity’s are during winter.
Not only do you get more cold layer opportunity’s at the oceans edge during winters,but also cleaner air.When it rains ,all the droplets absorb all those dust particles you see floating around and clean the air. The best viewing is after a Arctic front has passed over. Go out to the headlands at sunset, using a pair of binoculars. Your probably going to see one.
The rain in the winter acts like Mother Natures Swiffer! and believe me ,Tofino gets alot of Swiffering !!
Good Luck and happy Flashing !!