Windy Times

The winds picked up today & as a result,I had to stay on land. Maybe I’ll be able to get out in my boat tomorrow?
So my trusty back up location (Chesterman’s) was my destination today. There were some Surfers, Kite Surfers & Wave Riders having fun in the sun today. The strong wind made those Kite Surfers scoot along just fine!

Not Going To Happen!

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That frontal system we were under for 3 days, passed! There were scattered clouds in behind ,so we got alittle sunshine today.
I went out to the beach to see what was happening?
I saw this guy right away and did a few shots. I’m not sure why,but he wasn’t able to put in! I think the wind was changing direction too much to be able to get to the ocean?
Not really sure why,but he never went out?

Sunset Vista

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The sun had cast a shadow onto the beach by this time,but it was still shining on the mountains in behind.
It made the exposure tricky. The tide had gone out enough that I was able to wade out to Frank Island and shoot from a higher perspective.I wanted to be able to see those pink snow covered mountains in behind.

Kite Surfing

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I wanted to get a better angle by going over to Frank Island,but couldn’t . The high tide was 12.8 foot and it was going down to a 0.7 foot! Thats a 12.1 flush in 6 hours. Thats a tremendous amount of water!
The access to Frank Island was still covered by the retreating tide. I shot this Kite Surfer for a hour or so and waited until I could walk across. I was still chancing it!
If a wave surge came in from either side of the access corridor,I’d get soaked, and I do not like to getting soaked!

Two More Brave Souls

I did get over to Frank Island and had the entire Island to myself for half a hour or so. These two people saw me and had rubber boots like me. I always wear my rubber boots. It’s very common to see me riding my bike with my rubber boots on.
They made it over as well without getting a soaker!
You can see the Kite Surfer in the background.
I got up onto a high spot in order to get a better perspective.

Sunset Kite Surfing

The excellent light filled the entire beach! It didn’t last long. The sun was just coming out for a short while. The clouds to the west blocked most of it’s descent to the horizon.
This kite surfer and others decided to take advantage of the wind and big waves!