I believe this is Maggie at Morpheus Island.
The tide was running strong today and as a result hard to keep my position.
I came up with an Acronym today to describe being at the right place,with the right equipment and at the right time. P.E.T. Place,Equipment,Time
I love it because of the simplicity.
I’m always trying to name or describe things!


She was very active today. This is a nice sequence of her coming in for a hit!
I started the days shoot with a frustrating moment .
The Daredevil came down and got a fish,but my lens was “Hunting”. Thats when the auto focus is searching. I couldn’t lock onto her! It only takes a few seconds but that was long enough for me to miss the opportunity! I always hate when I do something stupid like this.This happens from time to time and is just part of the whole.

River Otters Mating

I came across these River Otters at Deadman Island when I was visiting Romeo and Juliette.
It became obvious after a moment that they were mating. Although ,it looked pretty rough for her. The male seemed to wear her down by putting all his weight onto her and by biting her neck.
Kind of looked like “Bull Riding” but Otter style!
They are a very playful species and very social,except I guess when mating season is in full swing.
Romeo and Juliette were watching from above.( with amusement I’m sure)
Eagles are always watching everything and everybody. It’s very hard to sneak up on a Eagle.