The only way I can get shots of Harbour Seals is If I do a “Tofino drive by”. ┬áThat involves me zipping past them at a fast speed and shooting what I can. I than go around and do it all over again but shave 20 feet off.

If I stop, they’ll freak and jump quickly back into the water!


The Daredevil flew out to greet me! His partner Delilah (2) actually flew around the corner. His new partner avoids me like the plague. Which just goes to prove how unique each eagle is! They are just like you or I. Sometimes you meet someone and get along with them and than sometimes you meet someone who you dislike instantly!

The Daredevil and I get along famously! I do consider him a friend!


It was so good to see my friend flying out to greet me today! He cannot see me until I come out from behind a near by island. I always watch to see him jump when I come around the corner. Most times he doesn’t disappoint,but sometimes he’s either not there or not feeling sociable.

I’ve missed him very much! It seems like I haven’t gone to see him in years! The weather has been so poor that I haven’t been able to get out for 6 weeks!

We got one day of sunshine today and I certainly took advantage of it!


The last few days Tofino has been getting snow. We do get it yearly but not that often. I miss the snow to be honest. I grew up with plenty of snow and always did so many wonderful things! My favorite was winter camping. Tracking animals was much easier in the snow!

Ernie and Ethel were perched on top of their Strawberry island perch. They are staying close to each other these days as its mating season. Wherever Ethel goes Ernie is always close behind.


We’ve had many wind storms this winter so far! Hardly a sunny day to poke about. If your not into the rain,best to stay home with your book by the fire.

Tofino has become Canada’s hot spot for surfing! The best in the world flock to our small hamlet! One thing that’s very different here is the water temperature! To keep reasonably warm everybody wears a thick neoprene surf suit.

Only experienced surfers need apply during the winters storms!