The Bears are emerging from their dens,walking about,scratching their butts and looking for their first cup of joe!

Ok,so maybe not walking about or searching for a cup of joe but defiantly scratching their butts!

I went out searching for some and was surprised to actually find one, as it was high tide and they prefer low tide. At Low tide they can overturn the rocks and get all the baby crabs! They eat hundreds a day! I think the reason why our Coastal bears all have such shiny coats is because of this daily crab diet!

So, I found this adult female in Dawley pass near the south end of Fortune channel. She doesn’t know me,so I kept my distance. It’s when the ears flatten that you know a bear is getting anxious.

I did see a second bear but it was too far away and I couldn’t get closer.


When I come around from behind a specific island,Romeo can see me and almost always flies out to greet me and then we both travel to our meeting spot. We play this little game,to see who can get there first?……and of course, ……he always beats me! To make it worse he’s only soaring,no flapping!

On this occasion that’s exactly what he did,but on the way over he spotted another eagle flying towards his nest area ! He veered away immediately from me and went straight towards this interloper! He escorted this eagle to the other side of his territory! Eagles are constantly doing this each day. It’s very common.

This is how a eagle will find out if a territory is up for grabs or not. They trespass to see who’s home or If anybody is home to begin with? This is why a eagles offspring will always come back to their home to see if mum and dad are still kicking it?

So after escorting the interloper to the egress ,Romeo flew back to me,but because I was already there I was able to get a few shots of him arriving!

Once perched he began to scream loudly! Which I assume was a message for the interloper! Romeo was saying “TAKE A HIKE MIKE AND JUST KEEP GOING IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YA”!

When you see a eagle going vertical to vocalize , it’s a serious calling position!


This short video was recorded last Fall (21). A large tree had come down during the year and bridged the river. I knew during the spawning season in the Fall, bears would use this tree as a bridge. So I set a camera up to record the activity.
I called this Sow “Lady” and her cub “Scamp”.
Lady wanted to scratch her back, but notice that she stopped and looked back to make sure no male bears were following her!
A male will try to kill her cub, so she was being careful.