I wanted to line up those gorgeous clouds in the background with the Heron in the foreground but this Heron was wise to me!

I had to beach the boat and walk in the shallows. I am constantly taking shots as I walk. I call them “Safety” shots. If the animal takes off before I can get to that “special spot” at least I have something. Ten percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing.

So this Heron took off before I could reach that spot unfortunately!




I took out two photographers with me today.We went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears & found 4. On the way back I stopped in at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. To show you how each have unique personalities, he refused to come over because I had two strangers with me! I saw him last night & no problem! He’s done this before,so I half expected it. The problem is he’s the only eagle around right now! Delilah has gone to the salmon streams,as well as Maggie/Moe & Romeo! Juliette is being a fuss pot,so the only hope I had was with the Daredevil.

I’ll have to have a little chat with him next time.





I’ve never seen a Heron do this before.It was standing on some Bull kelp in the middle of the channel. That Kelp has to be 60 feet long! It’s anchoured on the bottom with a “holdfast”.Small fish like the cover the kelp provides but this very smart Heron has figured it out!